The New Canaan News tips hat to the Town of New Canaan -- both the officials and the residents -- for pulling together during one of the worst storms in decades.

The camaraderie and professionalism displayed throughout the week made an extremely difficult situation that much easier. The town enacted the Emergency Operation Center immediately and got to work mapping out locations that were hit throughout the storm.

The Citizens Emergency Response Team headed out to direct traffic in the treacherous weather.

Residents checked on their neighbors, and we know of a few families who opened their homes to others -- whether for a hot shower, a warm meal or even a place to stay. We know of one residence that hosted four families at once, with kids splayed on family room floor.

While many residents headed to the nearest hotels (most of which were booked thanks to the storm) others had to make due with without power, heat and even water. Fortunately the fire department was offering water to residents throughout the week.

A few days in, the town was able hook up a generator to the YMCA so residents could shower.

The fire department kept media outlets updated every hour, allowing us to disseminate the information to the public through Twitter and the Web. They kept a running tally of power outages, street closings, shelters and whether or not the schools would be closed.

And most importantly, the New Canaan Library really stepped up to the plate. It seemed as though the entire town spent their evenings there, rather than at home in the dark. The library extended its hours, allowing residents to get out of their cold homes, congregate with each other and charge their phones and laptops -- the only items connecting them to the outside world.

And of course, we offer our thanks to First Selectman Jeb Walker and Emergency Management Director David Jonker, who led the effort and worked tirelessly to restore the town to some normalcy.

The town really showed a sense of community, and we're glad to be a part of it.