Waveny Care

celebrates 35 years

To the Editor:

On behalf of Waveny Care Network's staff, volunteers and board of directors, I would like to personally thank all who joined us in celebrating our organization's birthday this past Thursday, April 22, as well as the community as a whole for their unfailing support over the past 35 years.

Since its inception in 1975, Waveny has been continuously nurtured through the charitable donations of time, talent and treasure from the New Canaan community. This generous support enables our organization to proudly serve as a premier resource and trusted provider of elder care and rehabilitative services within our town, with a continuum of care that includes independent living at New Canaan Inn, assisted living for people with Alzheimer's and memory loss at The Village, and skilled nursing at Waveny Care Center. It also includes the Brown Geriatric Evaluation Clinic, a geriatric care management team, an adult day program and inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services.

Also on behalf of the 2010 board of directors, I would like to express my sincerest appreciation for our predecessors in leadership -- many of whom currently preside on our advisory council -- and salute them for the care with which they shepherded Waveny Care Center, its mission and staff over the past 35 years to its current position as a CMS Five-Star rating recipient by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services -- a coveted rank enjoyed by only the top 10 percent of facilities in the nation.

Thank you, New Canaan. We look forward to your continued support and to another 35 years of meeting the needs of the community.

Harry T. Rein

Chairman, Board of Directors

Disagree with DTC

To the Editor:

In response to Ms. Apy, chairwomen of the New Canaan Democratic Town Committee, stating Republicans are spreading fears and untruths, I call her to explain her facts. Firstly the majority of American people did not want the unconstitutional health care legislation to pass. America is a democracy and the Democrats sold out the desires of the majority and shoved health-care reform down our throats through reconciliation and spending hundreds of millions of dollars on pork to buy votes. That is not democracy but fascism and dirty government.

Second, health care will increase the budget deficit pursuant to computations that follow Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. In addition, the effective tax rate could approach 77 percent, considering expiration of the Bush tax cuts, a increase in the Medicare tax to 3.9 percent with new application to all unearned income, increase in the top federal tax rate to 39.5 percent, an increase in disallowed itemized deductions and expansion of the percentage limitation on itemized deductions. In addition a proposed European style VAT (Value Added Tax) of 10 percent at each level of productions could increase the cost of goods and services by up to 40 percent.

Third, as to death panels and czars -- the last time we had czars was under communism. As we all know, the health care legislation does call for panels to consider the approval and limitation of specific health procedures for our citizens. The legislation also mandates the IRS to expand employment by up to 35,000 employees to monitor our bank accounts and finances to determine our health care insurance qualifications and directly withdraw fees from our accounts (George Orwell's "1984" in real time).

You fail to report, Ms. Apy, that Republicans called for tort reform (trial attorneys are the largest political fund contributors to your party) and cross-state border health insurance offerings. With these fixes and the recall of $900 million in pork your party spent to secure votes the Republicans could pass a reasonable health bill that lowers costs and is constitutional.

So I recommend you stop bashing those who cherish Democracy.

Roy A. Abramowitz, CPA

New Canaan

Baseball fields a disgrace

To the Editor:

As a long time resident of New Canaan with a 9-year-old baseball player, I have been traveling around the state of Connecticut visiting other ballparks for the past two years. In a nutshell, I am embarrassed at what poor facilities New Canaan provides for its baseball teams compared to other communities. Not only are there not enough baseball fields in New Canaan, but the fields that are available are cow pastures.

The bounces at Irwin Park are an accident waiting to happen and Mead Park is a land mine of goose droppings. It is hard for me to believe that this is the best we can offer our kids. All other sports in New Canaan offer state of the art facilities. I see no reason why baseball should be any different.

Don Shelden

New Canaan

Thanks to supporters

of prom dress donation

To the Editor:

I would like to thank all the donors and volunteers who helped make CCA's second annual Prom Dress Extravaganza such a success. We were able to give beautiful, brand new shoes donated by Chou Chou in Wilton, new prom dresses donated by Wish List in Greenwich, Darien and Westport, new makeup donated by L'Oreal, and many other dresses and shoes donated by community members from New Canaan, Norwalk, Weston and Wilton to more than 50 girls who came with their friends and their mothers to our extravaganza on Saturday at the Norwalk Police Station.

We had an army of volunteers who helped us through the day. The youth group of The United Church of Rowayton made all of our signs. buildOn sent local high school students to help us set the dresses up on racks donated by Gap and Loehmanns. A number of area women came to relive happy high school memories as they helped the girls find just the right dress and matching shoes. And as the afternoon crept to a close, the buildOn kids came back to help us clean it all up and pass the leftovers on to other area clothing programs. The smiles on the faces of the girls as they tried on first one dress and then another feeling so pretty and imagining their big night was a joy for everyone involved. Thank you to all who donated items and helped out. We hope to see you back next year!

Christi Pope, Executive Director

Christian Community Action, Norwalk