Thanks to volunteers

at Boat/Camp/2011

Thank you for last week's article describing Boat/Camp/2011. The pictures that accompanied the article were splendid. Your coverage of this event has spread the word that the boating community of this town can really pull together to provide a fine day for the Person-to-Person Campership kids.

There were more than 100 campers, 25 counselors, and 25 boats involved, each with volunteer captain and crew. When we tally the number of volunteers contributing their time; the count goes to more than 85. This list includes the Darien Police Department, the Noroton Fire Department, the Cost Guard Auxiliary, Coast Guard Station Eaton's Neck, SoundWaters and the Norwalk Seaport Association (Sheffield Island) -- plus one dog on active duty with the Coast Guard (Nate, the mascot from Eaton's Neck).

A hearty thank you goes out from the Darien Sail & Power Squadron to everyone involved in this community project.

The list of volunteers includes: Will Babbidge; Kathleen Bordelon; Ann Marie Breisler; Joanna Bridges; Dieter Bruhn; Roscoe Brumback; Lindsay Campbell; Tyler Campbell; Marianne Cirillo; Thomas Cirillo; Jim Cloud; Jacob Cohen; David Dever; Fred Elliott; Mark Elliott; Pam Elliott; Jeff Eng; Charlie England; Hans Feringa; Julia Feringa; Jeff Gerwig; Sam Gilliland; Greg Groomrigian; David Hawes; Kip Hewitt; Minnie Ingardia; Frank Kemp; Judy Kemp; Bob Lamkin; Peter Lasalanda; Jim Love; Ceci Maher; Ray Martin; Gebby McDonald; Sandy McDonald; Maribeth Milne; Susan Morrison; Dougal Munro; Marianne Murphy; Jane Nestler; Ron Nielson; Bill Nightingale; Theo Osgood; Julie Pearson; Henry Personnaz; Dale Pollart; Vickie Ricardo; Will Robbins; Blake Robinson; Carly Schoudel; Jon Schoudel; Per Sekse; Donald Spencer; Jocelyn Spencer; Jayme Stevenson; Randy Tankoos; Deacon Jonathan Thomas; Marina Thomas; Bill Vernon; Bev Walsh; Jim Walsh; Phillip Walters; and Peter Wilson.

The Darien Police Boat was crewed by Officers Scott Macniven and Stuart Schwengerer.

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The Noroton Fire Department Fireboat was crewed by Ken Poli, Scot Sergent and Joe Warren.

Members of the Coast Guard Auxiliary included: Joe DeFranco; William Ensign; Jason Farrow; Neil Hershkowitz; Richard Klinger; Ginny Lovas; Joe Lovas; Carol Saar; John Stewart; and Rande Wilson.

Representatives of the United States Coast Guard Station Eaton's Neck consisted of Edward Chalk, Matthew Duran, Peter Hans, Caleb Lofstrom, Jose Barreto, James Souchak and the station's mascot, Canine Augmentation Nate.

Again, thanks to all and see you next year.

Frank Kemp

Darien Sail & Power Squadron