Murphy - Town Council

In any short list of outstanding New Canaan town leaders, past and present, Tucker Murphy's name would surface near the top. Highlights include serving on the Board of Education, and, in 2007, being elected to the Town Council, where she was appointed chairman of the subcommittee to the Board of Education.

In 2009, she was appointed executive director of the Chamber of Commerce. She is currently, and justifiably, credited with the initiation and leadership of serious efforts to breathe new life into our downtown commercial and retail area. She is a tireless and persuasive in her efforts to market New Canaan. There is noting partisan in Tucker's record of public service. Her goal has been, and still is, to serve all of the people in New Canaan. This she does, always with style, grace and a smile. We need her on the Town Council, and she needs our vote.

Bill Sessions

New Canaan

Support Tucker Murphy

I would like to add my support to the candidacy of Tucker Murphy for the Republican seat on the Town Council. I have known Tucker for close to 20 years and had the privilege of working side by side with her as co-heads of the South School PTC. I found her to be a great leader, communicator and organizer.

Tucker is as hard a worker as I have ever been around. She is always ready to hear new ideas and is dogged in her in her efforts to make New Canaan a better place to live. I have been so impressed with her job as director of the New Canaan Chamber of Commerce, you can always see her out there working with the people and the store owners trying to make this the best New Canaan possible.

I can't imagine a better person for our Town Council than Tucker Murphy.

Bill Hecker

New Canaan

Giusti: A positive leader

We are proud to support Paul Giusti as the Republication nominee for first selectman.

We have been impressed with Paul's commitment to his community. As a coach, selectman or finance committee member, Paul has always been a smart and effective leader.

Paul wants to protect and build on New Canaan's strengths; nationally ranked schools, excellent services and a sound financial position.

We respect the endorsements from the Board of Finance and Town Council members. These are the people who work side by side with Paul every day and see the thoughtful way he approaches and solves problems, always with the goal of making New Canaan a better place to live.

Paul encourages the many opinions of our proactive and vocal citizenry. We believe it takes a positive open leader with a proven track record of accomplishment to get things done. We believe Paul Giusti is the man for the job.

Scott and Laura Budd

New Canaan

Re-elect Claudia Weber

Thank you to Claudia Weber for 14 years of stellar service to our town. She has approached her position with professionalism and integrity every step of the way. She also goes above and beyond her responsibilities to this town.

You will find her at every election volunteering her time to help out the registrars office to insure our elections run smoothly. Claudia has made our absentee ballot process run like a well-oiled machine.

You will not find instances of individuals signing out 50 or 100 ballots to an address of an abandoned home in this town like you did in Bridgeport during the last election.

Claudia also logs tireless hours of volunteerism. Her efforts with Strays and Others have helped find homes for animals who would have otherwise been needlessly euthanised.

Please join me in voting to re-elect Ms. Weber as New Canaan's town clerk, as it is well deserved.

Michelle Sriubas

New Canaan

Williams for selectman

My wife Ellen and I wish to endorse with enthusiasm the candidacy of Nick Williams for the position of selectman.

While we know the Williamses socially, our interest in supporting his candidacy derives far more from his service to the community in a number of important volunteer roles, his very relevant professional experience as attorney and negotiator, and his involvement in New Canaan's non-profit sector as trustee and coach.

We are also impressed by his crisp, business-like style and track record of simply getting things done, qualities that will serve him well as selectman.

George Brakeley

Weber for town clerk

I am writing to support the re-election of Claudia Weber for the position of town clerk. This job requires a broad knowledge of the regulations and processes at both the local and state levels. Claudia has the skills, experience and talent to handle this important function and I know she will continue providing the high quality service that our citizens have been accustomed to.

When the town website was being developed a few years ago she was exceedingly helpful to those of us who worked on this project, which is now an every day information tool.

She continues to insure that the right procedures are in place and makes that special effort to be sure that information is up-to-date.

We should make sure that Claudia continues to manage this vital town department. She knows how to run this function -- no on the job training is needed.

Roger Rothballer

New Canaan

Coming together

The 31st New Canaan Family Fourth went off with a bang on Monday. By all accounts, a wonderful day was had by all.

Coming as it does every couple of years during the height of the political season, I think the Family Fourth once again brings clarity and focus to what really makes this town so special and what we are so fortunate to have: The common celebration of our country's independence; the volunteer effort to provide a wonderful day for our residents; the enjoyment of our most precious resource -- Waveny; and the gathering of friends and family.

I want to thank the members of the committee, who do all the heavy lifting under the shining example of Steve Benko. Thanks also go to our emergency service volunteers and paid staff, Park and Rec employees, parks and Public Works staff and Pam Flynn and Sharon Stewart who help sell the last-minute passes.

Most importantly, a big thank you goes to our sponsors and all who support our event through the purchase of passes; you make sure that there will always be a fireworks show in New Canaan on the Fourth of July.


Rob Mallozzi, Chairman

The New Canaan Family Fourth of July Committee

Support Giusti for first selectman

I have known both candidates for first selectman for several years and I am supporting Paul Giusti. Paul is honest, intelligent and experienced and will do what is right for the people of New Canaan. Paul is a positive leader who understands that he needs to work collaboratively with other town leaders in order to best serve the town of New Canaan. He also understands the need to weigh many different viewpoints and build consensus on issues. At the same time, he is an independent thinker who is willing to make tough decisions for the good of our town.

Importantly, Paul is endorsed by the majority of our Republican Town Council and Board of Finance members. These volunteers have worked with both candidates for four years and, except for one, heartily endorse Paul Giusti for first selectman. I trust these highly regarded leaders and I trust Paul Giusti.

Lisa B. Platt

New Canaan

Giusti has `strongest references'

When you seek to hire the best person for an important job, wouldn't your first duty be to check references? If you checked references for two potential job candidates and 13 out of 14 co-workers chose one candidate over another, whom would you choose? Obviously, you hire the one with strongest references.

Do not let politics get in the way of good judgment. The fact of the matter is 13 out of 14 Republican town leaders endorse Paul Giusti because he is the most qualified person for the job. These are your trusted leaders who volunteer to serve your town day in and day out and have led New Canaan successfully through the toughest of economies. They have worked with both candidates and support Paul Giusti for First Selectman.

Take away the politics. Make a logical, informed decision this election. For me the choice is clear. Vote for Paul Giusti.

Dan Crowley

New Canaan

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