Support Nick Williams for selectman

I am writing in support of Nick Williams for selectman.

Nick has done an outstanding job as chairman of the Board of Education working collaboratively to keep the budget in check while maintaining the highest ranking in the state for our school system. As a successful attorney, Nick brings a skill set in dire need on the Board of Selectmen, particularly in light of the recent "rubber stamping" of legal bills by the Selectmen.

Please join me in voting for Nick Williams at the Republican Caucus.

Tom O'Dea

Town Council

Support Giusti for first selectmen

While we are blessed to live in a community with good alternatives, my opinion is that the best choice for first selectman is my friend Paul Giusti.

Four generations of our family live in New Canaan and my wife grew up here, so we have deep affection for this town. When it was time to settle our young family and to locate our office, we decided that New Canaan is where we want to raise our children and to build our business.

Paul is a prudent manager with sound judgment who will ensure that New Canaan remains the top choice for growing families and businesses.

Chris DeMuth Jr.

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Fact box

New Canaan

Murphy has necessary experience

I am so pleased to know that Tucker Murphy is running for another term on the Town Council.

There are so many ways to admire her work on behalf of the Town of New Canaan.

Her experience during four years on the Board of Education, her four years on the Town Council, just ending, her magnificent work as director of the Chamber of Commerce, are each reasons to endorse her candidacy.

Tucker has a magic quality that enables her to keep smiling, keep a positive approach to addressing problems, maintain the nurturing mom role in what many people would call a model family, be active in her church, and numbers of town groups and agencies, and speak intelligently about all the stuff she knows.

For all those reasons, I hope many other admirers will cast a vote for Tucker as well.

Tom Nissley

New Canaan

New Canaan needs a fighter like Murphy

Tucker Murphy believes strongly in the importance of keeping a high quality education in our school system now and in the future. She is the Town Council liaison to the Board of Education which she was previously on for four years.

Tucker fights for what she believes to be in the best interest of her constituents.

While on the Town Council, Tucker chaired a subcommittee that was responsible for discontinuing the use of pesticides on the grounds of our schools, grades K-12.

Aside from her experience on the Town Council, and as the current head of the New Canaan Chamber of Commerce, Tucker has been on several boards and commissions. Tucker works well with members of all parties and she is a warm and accessible advocate for New Canaan citizens. Tucker also recognizes the needs of all generations who call New Canaan home.

Vote for Tucker Murphy, Town Council.

Diane Hobbs

Waveny thanks Rotary for grant

Waveny Care Network is honored be a 2011 recipient of a generous grant from The Rotary Club of New Canaan. We are extremely grateful for this special gift, which will partially fund the purchase of a new electric metal hopper/spreader for our plow truck used primarily for snow removal and spreading sand/salt at our Farm Road campus.

Not only do our residents, patients and participants stand to benefit from your generosity, but so, too, do our families, volunteers, staff, board and committee members, and all emergency and medical personnel who are frequently called upon for on-site assistance. Maintaining safe and reliable conditions around the clock is absolutely vital to those we serve.

Waveny is proud to offer a comprehensive continuum of programs, services and residences to serve the growing healthcare needs of the New Canaan community and surrounding areas. On behalf of everyone involved with our organization, we thank The Rotary Club of New Canaan for its generous support and belief in Waveny's mission.

Heather L. Neff

Chief Executive Officer

Waveny Care Network

Re-elect Tucker Murphy for Town Council

I admire the energy of Tucker Murphy who is a candidate for reelection to the Town Council this year. This energy that she brings to every one of her involvements has produces results. No result is more evident than turnaround she's lead with the Chamber of Commerce. She has recharged a dormant organization into a force helping to shape the future of downtown New Canaan.

We all have benefitted from this effort and her involvement in the Market Demand Study shows how New Canaan's future continues to be at the center of her work.

She's a terrific candidate for reelection.

Jim Cole

New Canaan

Keep political signs at home during Family Fourth

The 2011 New Canaan Family Fourth Committee hopes everyone will honor the 31-year tradition of keeping the Family Fourth celebration free from marketing and politicking again this year. It is a day to celebrate our independence and to be with our families and friends. The committee thanks you.

Ellen S. Brakeley, Secretary

New Canaan Family Fourth Committee

Downtown needs Engel

There is no crisis in our schools. They are outstanding, they have been outstanding, and I'm sure, with all of those who are working for excellence, they will continue to be so in the future.

That is not the case in our village. An atmosphere of resignation seems to permeate the empty storefronts and the staunch retailers who are holding on with determination.

Something must be done. We don't need another study, we need a selectman who has the support of most businesses in town.

John Engel has grown up in New Canaan and has grown into his role of community leader through hands on hard work in a town business, on town committees, as a realtor and as a third generation New Canaanite that has deep roots in our heritage, and with four children in our schools, a stake in our future.

His most impressive credential is his long commitment to the betterment of New Canaan. This is just what is needed to support our town out of its moment of stress and into a more successful future.

Sandra Ross

New Canaan

Giusti's background will serve town well

We support Paul Giusti for first selectman. In addition to his business experience, Paul's background as a town selectman, Board of Finance member and chairman of the Budget Task Force make him the most qualified candidate to lead New Canaan during this challenging economic environment.

As parents of two young children, we value Paul's ability to balance financial discipline and efficient government without sacrificing those things that contribute to the outstanding character of our town. Paul's ability to work with the Board of Education to maintain our school system not only helps our children, it improves our home values and local economy.

Most importantly, we admire Paul's choice to run a positive campaign. We are surprised at the vitriol that is expressed in the letters and Internet posts during this election season. Let's stay positive and work together to do what is best for New Canaan: Vote Paul Giusti on June 25.

Chris and Claire Tiscornia

New Canaan

Giusti is a leader, inside and out

We have two engaged and passionate candidates for first selectman. Last week's debate provides a window into their skills, styles and their solutions to our town's challenges.

They say there are no atheists in foxholes. Well, there are no scripts or briefing books which address the myriad decisions our town's chief executive is often called upon to make, sometimes with little or no notice. In those situations, the key skills are embedded in the leader, not read out of a notebook or found in a sound bite.

Paul Giusti clearly and calmly articulates his detailed plans to lead New Canaan in these challenging times. Paul is an "inside" leader (keen organizational skills and attention to detail) and an "outside" leader who can engage business and government leaders, inside and outside New Canaan, as a catalyst to attract businesses to our downtown area.

Paul McCurdy

New Canaan

Correct me if I'm wrong -- attend the LRPC workshop June 27

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Long Range Plan debuted alternatives at a special meeting last week, very quietly, in `draft' form and with only a 24-hour public notice.

Because most of the public opposes moving the library or town hall to a new location, the LRPC intends to hang its hat on the single issue on which there is general agreement; containing costs.

New construction costs less than renovating is their position. Sharpen your pencils because the committee has spent $13,500 for an estimator to illustrate this at the upcoming public workshop -- the last scheduled opportunity to hear the public before a plan is finalized.

Keep your eye out for larger building footprints and heights, "options" that do not work without construction of multiple parking structures (costs not factored in), or any mention of historic properties or open green spaces that now characterize our municipal and quasi-public properties. Instead, should the LRPC consider scaling back as our population declines and electronics shrink our data retrieval and storage requirements? Is our economy signaling small may be better than big?

Nevertheless, however ill advised, the LRPC's handwriting is on the wall. The library will move to its first choice, the Center School Parking lot where it can grow more than 50 percent in size. A new 160-car parking structure will be built, displacing the 168 business permit spaces now on site. "Will there be a `land swap' with the town?" asked a member of the public in attendance, and if not, what will replace the library block? According to the LRPC, the library intends to sell its property. BFJ lead planner, Frank Fish, observed that the current library site can accommodate 50 apartment units, and possibly more if a `portable' Incentive Housing Overlay Zone, now under study by another ad hoc committee of members Laszlo Papp, Scott Hobbs and Chuck Berman, were extended to this location.

Most of us are great fans of the library, but compromising our integrity as a town to provide a new site may be just one step further than many of us are willing to go. Now that it is becoming clear that a dense apartment development in the center of town may be another step we are asked to take, how many of us will be left to be friends of the library?

Terry Spring

New Canaan

Support Ken Campbell for Town Council

We are writing this letter to support the candidacy of Ken Campbell for Town Council in the Republican caucus on July 19.

We occasionally need to discuss some issue with a town official or have a question relating to something happening in town, and we have always found Ken to be a very approachable and knowledgeable source of information. If he can't answer a question, he always knows where to find an answer.

He is a great friend, a wonderful neighbor and an outstanding representative in town hall. We will be voting for Ken Campbell on July 19, and we urge your readers to do the same.

April and Bobby Kaynor

Paul Giusti excels

During more than 30 years as a New Canaan resident I have learned a lot about our small town. Combining that experience with my first-hand, working experience with Paul Giusti allows me to strongly endorse him in the upcoming vote.

Paul's experience in New Canaan demonstrates his fact-based approach to decision making. Rigorous analysis and careful attention to thoughtful process are also characteristics of his methods of getting matters accomplished. Serving with Paul in recent years as a member of the Board of Finance is the basis for my observations.

Turning to personal traits, I find Paul exemplary in his consistent devotion to family, friends and community. Importance of education, athletics, fiscal responsibility, candor, and consistency, all come to mind when I review my experience with Paul.

All perspectives considered, Paul excels. Our town earns excellence: outstanding school system, Aaa credit rating, enthusiastic volunteering and community service, and the list go on.

I respectfully submit that Paul Giusti can lead our town in building on its considerable strengths.

John Laird

New Canaan

Working with Giusti a pleasure

There is no man of greater character, integrity and ability to lead our town than Paul Giusti. In my capacity as PTC president of two schools and a current Board of Education member, I have had the opportunity work with Paul for several years and witness firsthand his tremendous leadership skill.

Managing multiple town interests well in this economy is necessary for a first selectman. Resources are limited and needs are great. Paul is adept at making tough decisions with a positive result. One of his greatest contributions as a Board of Finance member was to work collaboratively and actively to move our schools forward, while reducing cost to our taxpayers. Doing so took great acumen and hard work.

I take my endorsement in this campaign very seriously. Paul will lead positively, wisely and effectively to do what is best for New Canaan. I unequivocally support Paul Giusti for first selectman.

Amy Rochlin

I trust Mallozzi -- and you?

As a kid, I remember being told we were going to watch JFK's State of the Union address on TV. We were allowed to stay up late to listen to our President -- my parents showed us that they had the utmost of respect and faith in our leaders and this was a special occasion.

Fast-forward to today. Unfulfilled promises of "change," politicians in constant re-election mode, millions in "pork" payments during economic crisis, billions of foreign aid when the monies are needed here in our hometowns, thousands of pages of health-care reform that no one can understand, not to mention personal/professional scandals galore. The NY Post covers this fodder daily. No one trusts or believes in our government anymore. Our faith in our leaders has been shaken to the core.

So how do we decide about the needed traits in our local government leader? I believe it comes down to one trait -- who do you entrust with your town. We have nothing if we don't have trust. I trust that Rob Mallozzi is going to make the right decisions for this town. I trust him and I believe in him. He is not running for political office -- he wants your vote because he wants to be the consummate caregiver to this town. A vote for Rob Mallozzi is a vote in New Canaan's future.

Put your vote in Rob's hands and he will ensure that this town retains the qualities of why you chose to move to New Canaan in the first place and why you want to call New Canaan "home."

Meg Meurer Brossy

New Canaan

Engel has necessary experience

In my opinion, John Engel possesses the expertise on several fronts in order to help lead this town:

Technology: John's technology experience will benefit our town. We need innovation to save costs at Town Hall. John brings the unique qualities of a technology entrepreneur to the job.

Business: As a small businessman John knows that tax dollars are precious. John takes responsibility for the bottom line.

Experience. John has lived in New Canaan his whole life and is raising his family here. He has a true perspective on what makes New Canaan unique and what the issues are.

Accessibility: John works in downtown New Canaan and is there every day. We need a Selectman who can meet with people during the work week, hear their concerns and bring these concerns to town hall.

Engaged: John is an active volunteer in the community including his church, school, Rotary Club and Staying Put in New Canaan.

On Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. cast your vote early for Engel.

Robert Ayoub

New Canaan

Re-elect Weber for town clerk

Claudia Weber has served the town of New Canaan as town clerk for 14 years, and done so professionally, knowledgeably and with unfailing integrity. We owe her our thanks as well as our vote in the upcoming caucus. It is always a pleasure to stop at her office, especially with a dog in tow to update a license.

Claudia has guided many community members through the awkward state regulations for elections, vital statistics and certainly the referendum processes. Of course all would be better if common sense and simple wording dictated, but until then we need a versatile and knowledgeable town clerk.

Please join me in re-electing Claudia Weber as New Canaan's town clerk.

Hope Hetherington

Weber for town clerk

"Experience, experience, experience," is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Claudia Weber as our town clerk. She is equipped with knowledge unattainable by any other candidate running for the office, because of her education, training and filling the jobs she had held in local government.

To keep the office of town clerk running smoothly, which she does, and staying within the rules and regulations of the law is a large order. Claudia fulfills that job at town hall, and we are better off as a result.

My support is with tried-and-true Claudia.

Molly DePatie

New Canaan

Giusti or Mallozzi?

The most important decision you will make in safeguarding your investment and your future in our town is by voting for the most qualified candidate for first selectman.

- What criteria should I use to make my decision?

- How do I sift through all of the conflicting information that has been so abundant during this campaign?

- Is there an objective measure to base my decision on?

One objective and important measure is to seek out those individuals that uniquely know the capabilities of both candidates by having worked closely with each one of them.

Who are these individuals? They are the members of the Board of Selectmen, Town Council and the Board of Finance.

Excluding the two candidates, there are fourteen Republicans who serve on these town bodies. All have worked with the two candidates closely over several years. Each has had the opportunity to experience firsthand their work ethic, experience and their willingness to collaborate. Complex issues have been dealt with such as: Creating efficiencies in the $122 million town budget, escalating needs from our Health and Human Services department, collective bargaining negotiations with four unions, pension and capital debt assessment, human resource decisions for 180 employees and on and on.

The fact is 13 of the 14 Republican members of the Board of Selectmen, Town Council and the Board of Finance (listed below) unequivocally endorse Paul Giusti in the Republican caucus as the best choice to be our first selectman. We respect Paul Giusti for his honesty, his skill and his ability to lead positively and collaboratively. We hope our firsthand knowledge of the abilities of the candidates will help you make your decision to vote for Paul Giusti as well.

Jeb Walker, First Selectman

Dr. Mark DeWaele, Chairman Town Council

Steve Karl, Vice Chairman Town Council

Tom O'Dea, Town Council

Penny Young, Town Council

Tucker Murphy, Town Council

Ken Campbell, Town Council

Bob Hamill, Town Council

Neil Budnick, Board of Finance

Mary Cody Davis, Board of Finance

Christine Wagner, Board of Finance

Susan La Perla, Board of Finance

Todd Lavieri, Board of Finance

John Silvestri, Board of Finance

Murphy is the `conscience' of downtown

New Canaan needs Tucker Murphy in the Town Council. She is the conscience of the downtown business community, tireless leader of the New Canaan Chamber of Commerce, and she listens to everyone concerning town issues, problems.

Tucker has an open mind, ready to coordinate business community and town issues with all, and work collaboratively with all town bodies, including the selectmen and Planning & Zoning Commission.

Voters will make a vise decision, and help themselves by electing Tucker Murphy for an other term to the Town Council. Her experience, leadership quality will serve as well during these difficult economic times. I am proud to endorse her candidacy.

Laszlo Papp

New Canaan

Support Purdy for town clerk

Jennifer Purdy would be a tremendous asset to our town government. In her 10 years at CARES, she has diligently and consistently kept a balanced budget, provided administrative oversight, and coordinated and organized more than 100 health and wellness programs that CARES delivers to more than 3,500 New Canaan youth and families.

Jennifer is fiscally responsible, organized, articulate and easy to work with; she is a positive force inside and outside of her profession. Her budgeting skills have allowed our small non-profit to thrive in difficult economic times and save in healthier economic climates, as she consistently remains aware of the global picture, identifying areas to decrease expenditures and increase income. Jennifer is a stickler for detail, calmly and effectively overseeing numerous tasks simultaneously. In particular, Jen's grant-writing expertise has provided financial support that has allowed CARES to triple its program offerings, while fulfilling its mission of offering these programs free-of-charge.

Most important, Jennifer is a people person, capably training and guiding hundreds of volunteers each year, while making each person she touches feel like they are the most important person in the room. Due to these, and many other skills, Jennifer Purdy will be a strong and dedicated town clerk.

Meg Domino

New Canaan

Vote for Claudia Weber: experience counts

Your opportunity to vote for elected town officials begins June 25. For 14 years Claudia Weber has served professionally, competently and helpfully to our taxpayers in an office which demands an immediate knowledge of more than 100 pages of references to the Connecticut General Statutes.

As I learned at Yale Medical School and later, in my second career, after graduation from law school, "learning on the job" is not a substitute for experience on the job after "learning the job."

Claudia Weber runs an office which is not "policy making" but which is "policy executing." Her Office of the Town Clerk has generated annually nearly $5 million in revenues of which more than $1.5 million has gone to the General Fund of the Town of New Canaan and the remainder to the State of Connecticut by Statute.

The Office of the Town Clerk is responsible for the town archives, property records and a miscellany of records such as births, deaths, marriages, boards and commission records, election records and much more. The town clerk must by law, answer to the Connecticut Secretary of the State on behalf of the Town of New Canaan.

We are fortunate to have a competent, trained, experienced town clerk over the past 14 years who has answered our needs cheerfully, honestly and accurately. Especially in difficult economic times like now, it is important that we "keep what works" and not experiment with pass-or-fail teaching of a complex job to any inexperienced person.

Your vote for Claudia Weber and my vote for Claudia Weber as town clerk will preserve the level of service which we expect and enjoy. Please put it on your calendar to vote for our elected officials beginning June 25.

Francis Coughlin, MD, JD

New Canaan

Support Purdy for town clerk

As treasurer of New Canaan CARES, I have worked with Jennifer Purdy for the last two years. She has successfully co-written multiple grants for New Canaan CARES winning tens of thousands of dollars over her tenure.

As town clerk, Jennifer Purdy will proactively write for state grants that are currently available to our town helping to ensure a balanced budget.

I believe a vote for Jennifer Purdy will help minimize budget overages and requests for additional funds for the town clerk's office. Please vote for Jennifer Purdy in the Republican caucus.

Jennifer Essigs

New Canaan

Purdy for Town Clerk

I have had the pleasure of working with Jennifer Purdy at New Canaan CARES for the past two years. In this capacity, I have come to appreciate many qualities that make her well-suited for the Office of Town Clerk. First of all, she has a high level of integrity coupled with an incredible work ethic. Jennifer stands by her word and if she says she will help, she will. Over the past two years (and well before that, I'm told) she has put in countless extra hours at CARES (in addition to her full-time job there) to serve the youth and families in our community.

Second, she is outstanding when it comes to working with people; at CARES she has dealt with a gamut of people from professional speakers and administrators, to volunteer moms and fourth grade kids. Each one was greeted with a cheerful smile and warm hello. Finally, she has a track record of leadership and commitment to the town of New Canaan as evidenced by her role at CARES, as well as her work on the New Canaan Community Foundation Board, as former National Charity League president and former East School PTC president, to name a few. Most important, though, is Jennifer's ability to listen. She is a great problem-solver because she takes the time to listen to people's concerns or frustrations and does whatever she can to address them. She is exactly the type of person we need in town hall.

Kristin Selvala

New Canaan

Support Engel, support downtown

We are all local business owners in New Canaan. A vote for John Engel is a vote to energize the downtown.

Engel is an experienced local businessman who understands what it means to be a small business.

Engel is an innovator, not a politician, willing to think outside the box to revive our downtown.

Engel is accessible because he works here every day, not just on weekends. We see him in our stores and restaurants and know that this is a priority for him beyond the election season.

Engel is positive. He is focused on how we can work together to improve our village.

Engel will focus on the downtown.

Michael Lamaker of Lamakers

Jack Trifero of The Gramophone Shop

Geoff Sigg of Pennyweights

Seth Leifer of The Filling Station Co.

Art Kean of Mobil

Jim Berry of MacKenzies

Ann Chou of the Canaan Parish Sweet Shoppe

J. Gadzik of Sallea Antiques

Dorothy Mann of Dorothy Mann

S. Carter of Elm Street Books

Thanks for supporting Miles for Mikey 201

On behalf of The Mikey Czech Foundation, we would like to thank all of the wonderful people who made our third annual Miles for Mikey Family Fun Day & 5K Race/Walk a huge success. The day could not have been more perfect ... the weather was beautiful and more than 300 people attended.

We would like to thank our many sponsors who were absolutely wonderful -- namely, Bank of New Canaan, New Balance, Filling Station, Togs, Palladino & Sons Septic, Northeast Tent, Baskin Robbins and Chef Luis who generously helped make our event such a huge success. Thank you for supporting our cause.

We would also like to extend our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the many volunteers, who without them, the event could never have taken place and run as smoothly as it did. Namely, the members of the National Charity League and SLOBS, Tim Stella, who provided the music, the Town of New Canaan, the New Canaan Police Department, the CERT Team, and Shirley, Hilary and Syllvie from the New Canaan Institute for Clinical Massage.

I would also like to thank Chicken Joe's, Silvermine Market, Tony's Deli, Rosie and Saxe Middle School for participating in the Miles for Mikey Coin-a-thon.

Finally, a huge thank you to the wonderful community of New Canaan for your continued support of The Mikey Czech Foundation. Time and again, you have supported the foundation and our events. We are forever indebted to you all. Working side-by-side, we will find a cure for pediatric brain tumors. Thanks to you all.

Jennifer & Stephen Czech

The Mikey Czech Foundation