In support of Paul Giusti

I am writing this letter as a parent in support of Paul Giusti as a candidate for first selectman. Our school system is one of the finest in the country, and this success is due in large part to the vision of our school administrators and the support of our families. It's important to understand the interdependence between our school and town budgets and carefully consider each first selectman candidate's qualifications.

Over the last few years, as a school volunteer and supporter, I attended a number of school budget presentations by our school superintendent at the Board of Selectmen, Board of Finance and Town Council meetings. This year, I had the opportunity to hear firsthand each of the announced first selectman candidates ask questions regarding the proposed school budget at their respective presentations. While both candidates have been involved with our town's governance for a number of years, there was a marked difference in their understanding. I was impressed with the level of knowledge and questions posed by Paul Giusti at the Board of Finance meeting. Paul is engaged, interested and informed about education issues; he is clearly the more qualified first selectman candidate.

I encourage all voters to get informed, consider the voting and attendance records of our candidates, and the roles each have played in the town's budget process or labor negotiations during their service. We need engaged, responsible leadership that will continue to work collaboratively with our elected and appointed town leadership and school administration. We need someone who will roll up his sleeves, and utilize relevant professional experience to make the tough decisions and reach creative funding solutions, while continuing to support the standard of excellence in our school system and not burdening our taxpayers. Paul Giusti's professional and volunteer experience is not only relevant for the first selectman role, but vital in the current economic environment.

I believe that as parents we are vested in continuing to provide an excellent education for our children and we have a responsibility to vote accordingly or suffer the consequences.

Maria Weingarten

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New Canaan

Mallozzi's experience is what New Canaan needs

After many years helping companies recruit and select new top leaders, there was always one aspect of the process that was a constant and that was a list of demonstrated "must have" experiences by the candidates under consideration. This is where we are today in New Canaan as we begin to think about our next leader and first selectman.

I wondered recently what New Canaan's "must haves" for a new leader, first selectman or CEO might be if a full nationwide search were being conducted. Sitting down as a one-person search committee with 42 years of New Canaan residency I came up with a brief "must have" experience list if performing a search for the next leader of New Canaan. In no particular order:

- Experience dealing with the general public daily in the course of his or her business;

- Someone who has demonstrated the courage to publicly take a stand for the interest of a town;

- Experience running a local business with a good and verifiable reputation;

- Experience serving others in his or her town and not their own interests -- such as being a volunteer emergency worker helping others in dangerous situations;

- History of becoming a wise political leader naturally without a grand plan to high office;

- A committed family person with balance to work and life;

- Experience being direct, honest, and sincere in his or or her actions regarding a town's best interests;

- A record of ownership of matters that others would pass to a committee to decide;

- Decades-long presence in the town he or she served and respect for it and its history;

- Having friends and interactions with all townspeople before and after becoming a politician;

- Someone who would have the immediate support of the town's employees and departments;

- Current experience as a "number two" in a town with the stature of New Canaan who was re-elected by the community in successive elections and is ready now.

It becomes clear as you read down the "must have" list that the best interests of New Canaan can only be served by electing Selectman Rob Mallozzi as our next first Selectman. Rob's abilities, personality, energy and character are a perfect fit for the strategic needs and culture of New Canaan.

Rob Mallozzi, a leader you can count on. How refreshing.

Van G. Young

Former Executive Recruiter

Advisor to Covenant Executive Search

62nd annual May Fair a success

On May 7, we enjoyed another wonderful and successful May Fair & Strawberry Festival on the grounds of St. Mark's Episcopal Church. This special annual event draws thousands of folks from New Canaan and beyond to celebrate a sense of community, have fun, go on wild rides, score some great merchandise and raise money for charity.

Amusement rides and wonderful homemade food were once again a hit as people lined up for their share of specialties like strawberry shortcake, brisket and pulled pork.

It takes hundreds of volunteers working tirelessly throughout the year and frantically the week before fair day to pull off a truly unique event in our town.

When the tally is complete, we hope to have raised more than $100,000 to support

nonprofit organizations in town and beyond.

My sincerest thanks to all those who worked to bring May Fair to life, donated goods for the tag sale, and especially to all of you who came and enjoyed the day for a good cause.

Until next year.

Kerry Robinson

May Fair Chairman