An open letter

to the LRPC

To the New Canaan Long Range Planning Committee:

I believe it is essential that the focus is on need-based and function-based planning versus wish-based planning.

We have to ensure that New Canaan weighs the needs of the town against the wish lists received from the library and each government department. Not everyone needs a conference room or a location in the center of town.

I am requesting that the following information be included in the Phase I report:

"¢ The number of employees in each New Canaan government department;

"¢ The number of square feet currently assigned to each government department;

"¢ The usable number of square feet in each building currently occupied by government departments;

"¢ Departments that need to be co-located due to frequent interactions;

"¢ A list of departments for which a down town location is considered critical. For example: Does the education department really need to be in center of town or could it be somewhere like Irwin?

"¢ A requirement that consultants use process mapping to determine how departments interact with each other and the public;

"¢ A commitment to review the need for duplication. For example: If the Power House, Carriage Barn or high school has space for this activity, should we expand the library or Town Hall for it, too?

Sara van der Voort

New Canaan

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