Cynthia Rabanal, 31, of 46 Truman St., Norwalk, was arrested March 23 on a charge of driving under the influence.

New Canaan police were dispatched to Farm Road, near Main Street, at 6 a.m. on a call of a possible disabled vehicle, according to the report. When police arrived, they found a car parked on the east side lane.

The officer approached the car and saw Rabanal slumped over the steering wheel while the vehicle was still running, police said. The officer knocked on the window several times but she wouldn't wake up, according to police. When the officer opened the door, the woman finally woke up, police said.

It turned out that not only was her car running, but it was still in "drive" while she was holding the breaks, according to the report.

Rabanal said she was tired and decided to stop to take a nap, police said. However, the officer noticed that her speech was slow and her breath smelled like alcohol, according to police. Rabanal then admitted to having a few drinks, police said.

She was administered field sobriety tests, which she failed, police said. She was transported to police headquarters, where her blood alcohol level was found to be .15, almost twice the legal .08 limit, according to the police report.

Rabanal's sister went to the police station and posted $250 bond. Rabanal is scheduled to appear in court April 4.