Known as the Next Station to Heaven, New Canaan has a rich history. The bedroom community, known for its top-notch school district and a penchant for wearing Lilly Pulitzer and Nantucket reds, is steeped in tradition.

But that hasn't stopped one company from offering the town $9.8 million to change its name.

According to a news release,, a dating site that connects wealthy men to "attractive, single" women, contacted First Selectman Robert Mallozzi claiming the company would fork over nearly $10 million if the town changes its name to, USA.

While we doubt anyone in town would ever agree to such a gimmick, no matter how much money was involved, the thought of writing "" as a return address had us cracking up.

Mallozzi, however, said he never received an offer from the site.

"For the record, no one has approached me," he said Monday.

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He said he received an email from NBC News asking for comment, but moved it to his junk folder, assuming it was spam. "I literally thought it was junk and deleted it," he said.

New Canaan isn't the first town the site has had its eyes on. Over the past few months, the company contacted Sugar Land, Texas, and Woodside, Calif., in an attempt to gain naming rights.

However, in both cases, only offered half the amount, thinking it could convince the towns to give up their names for a mere $4.65 million. And in both cases, the site was denied.

So let's say our town officials decided to take the cash. They'd be required to officially change the name of New Canaan to for 10 years. According to the news release, which outlined the terms, all official government correspondence, institutions and street signs must be changed to reflect the new name, including renaming Mead Park to Park.

The New Canaan Town Hall, currently under renovation, would be renamed SugarDaddie Town Hall and "all city marketing resources must be made to reflect the city's official new name and must be fully implemented within six months."

You think that's bad? That's nothing compared to the Hugh Hefner statue that must be erected near town hall for at least 12 years. Somehow, I don't see that happening.

A call to wasn't returned. Perhaps it's moved on to Darien or Greenwich. Better them than us.