Sellecks Corner Chapel was opened by Edwin Selleck in 1851. He had been concerned that there was no Sunday School nearby for the children (the closest church was in Pound Ridge, three miles away). Sellecks Corners, like Ponus Ridge, had a community grocery store, basket shop, carriage shop, and cooper shop but until 1851, there was no church.

In 1885, the New York East Conference linked three nearby churches (including Sellecks Corners Church) and the Rev. J.V. Chackleton preached in all three of them. The services were held regularly at 3pm every Sunday and a prayer meeting was held on Wednesday evenings.

In 1941, the church was disbanded for a short time, as there was not a large enough congregation to support the church. However, the decision was reversed a year later in 1942. Until 1968, there was only one Sunday Service, held once a year in September. It was then discontinued because of poor attendance.

Information provided by the New Canaan Historical Society.