The town clerk approved floor plans for the new Town Hall Aug. 7, but First Selectman Robert Mallozzi still plans to press ahead with an efficiency study of the office.

Town Clerk Claudia Weber had not signed off on the plans by the project's deadline of Aug. 2 because she was not satisfied with the amount of space and layout of the office.

"I'm not exactly sure what the final result will be, but I did sign off on where the walls will be in the room," Weber said. "I'm not sure we'll have adequate office space, but we'll see in the new drawings."

Weber met with Mallozzi, Superintendent of Buildings and Fleet Bill Oestmann, Town Hall Building Committee Chairman Michael Avgerinos, Public Works Director Mike Pastore and a representative from KSQ Architects Aug. 7 to come to a resolution.

"We reviewed her request and made some compromises on both sides to make a workable space," Oestmann said.

The incident will not affect the overall schedule of the project, Mallozzi said. He confirmed that he intends to pursue an efficiency study of the town clerk's office, a move he initially announced at the Aug. 5 Board of Selectmen meeting where it was revealed Weber had not signed off on the plans.

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"We've spent time looking at finance and we've found some efficiencies there, we've looked at the (Board of Education's) finance department; about the only thing we haven't looked at is the town clerk," Mallozzi said. "All we want to do is give the same attention we've given to finance and the BOE and Fire Department to the town clerk."

For many of its tasks and responsibilities, the town clerk reports to the state, and the office itself is elected by the voters. Mallozzi said the town would have no authority to impose changes and would only make recommendations.

For her part, Weber, who's held the position for 15 years, said the town clerk's office has been thoroughly modernized under her supervision, having scanned and put online various land records and indices.

When asked if she'd ever heard of complaints about her office's efficiency from the town before, Weber responded, "No."; 203-330-6582; @Woods_NCNews