Director Gary Battaglia will hold open auditions for the Town Players of New Canaan's production of Tennessee Williams' "Sweet Bird of Youth" on Monday and Tuesday, Feb. 6 and 7 at 7 p.m. at the Powerhouse Performing Arts Center (677 South Ave.) in Waveny Park, New Canaan.

Perusal scripts are available at the New Canaan Library. Production dates are April 27, 28, May 4, 5, 11 and 12 at 8 p.m. and April 29 and May 6 at 2:30 p.m. Actors are asked to be prepared to read from the script. For more information, call producer Bob Doran at 203-253-4271, or

"Sweet Bird of Youth" has roles for men and women. Princess Kosmonoplis (35-55) is the middle-aged actress Alexandria del Lago, who is running away from what she thinks is a failed comeback. She is afraid of aging and the effects of time and uses alcohol, drugs and young lovers to escape. She is at times sad and sympathetic and at other times, she can be a cruel "monster."

Chance Wayne (25-35) was a high school hero who left town to become a Hollywood movie actor. After a series of failures, his primary occupation is now that of gigolo. He still has dreams of stardom and going away with his high school love, Heavenly. While Chance is obsessed with recapturing his fading youth, he also has compassion for the Princess.

Boss Finley (40-65) is the leading political figure in town. He is harsh, domineering, self-righteous and protective of his power and his daughter Heavenly -- and he is determined to destroy Chance. Tom Junior (25-35) is Boss' son. He is a pawn of his father and is desperate to gain Boss' approval; he will do whatever necessary to get it. Heavenly (25-35) is Boss' daughter. She still loves Chance but feels trapped in her father's world. She hates her father for the operation he insisted on that has left her "empty inside." She is a sad, wounded and beautiful girl.

Miss Lucy (35-55) is Boss' mistress. She is sharp tongued and funny -- a tough lady. She likes Chance and tries to persuade him to leave town before Boss gets to him. Aunt Nonnie (40-65) is Boss' late wife's sister. She is sympathetic to Chance and Heavenly but helpless to act. She is fragile and delicate. George Scudder (30-50) is a doctor in town who performed the surgery on Heavenly. While he owes much to the Boss, and is one of his pawns, he does try to get Chance to leave town before trouble starts. He is a weak man with his own self-interest primary.

Fly/Stuff (25-50), a combined character, is a waiter and bartender in the hotel. He is both pleasant to Chance but always alert to stay out of trouble. The Heckler (25-55) is a hillbilly type who asks the question about Heavenly's operation which leads to chaos at the rally. He is tough and mysterious. Scotty and Bud (25-40) were once friendly with Chance but now are in the Boss Finley camp. They are nasty, mean and forever tied to this small town.Violet and Edna (25-40) are Scotty and Bud's light-headed dates. Hatcher (25-55) is the assistant manager of the hotel where Princess and Chance are staying. He is another pawn in the Boss' game.

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