Town officials estimate the nearly complete renovation of New Canaan Town Hall is expected to be about $100,000 less than the projected $18 million construction and soft costs budgeted for the work.

The largest contributing factor to the surplus in the bonded money was about $200,000 not spent on new furniture and fixtures in the new building, while demolition costs ran $50,000 less than projected, according to a breakdown of the project costs.

Overall construction costs, originally projected to be $13.1 million, are estimated to be $13.94 million, according to the analysis. The figures were shared with the volunteer Town Hall Building Committee held Monday night.

“We have about $100,000 that we don’t expect to spend,” Assistant Public Works Director Mike Pastore said Tuesday.

The town also saved about $20,000 on construction management and remediation funds to cover costs of phone calls, travel, and other everyday expenses for the construction and architectural firms on the project, according to the breakout.

The project is finished except for minor touches, Pastore said, after more than a year and a half of work. The project, which included $13 million in construction costs, preserves the building's historic elements, including the Main Street facade, as it was in the 1909 design.

The new building, designed by KSQ Architects, includes a new main entrance and about 10,000 square feet of additional space, with the building’s total size being about 35,000 square feet. The building also is handicapped accessible.

The town is now expected to complete the move the final town departments still at other sites into the new facility within three weeks, Pastore said.

Starting August 5, the Office of the First Selectman along with the finance and human resources departments will be moved from the second floor of the New Canaan Police Department at 174 South Ave. into their new space.

The last two major departments to be relocated to the new Town Hall will be the town’s building and planning and zoning departments which have been at Irwin Park on Weed Street.

Kathleen Corbet, a town councilman and member of the volunteer Town Hall Building Committee, said the Town Council will likely get a similar presentation in the fall once all town departments are settled into the revamped building.

Corbet said Pastore and the entire project team deserve credit for coordinating to ensure the project didn’t run over.

“I commend Mike Pastore for the diligence he did and really the entire team of architects, construction management, and the public works team,” Corbet said. “They were very conscious of the budget and how important it was to maintain our costs at our below the budget level.”

The project money also included $1.24 million in rent to relocate town offices to space during the work, including relocating the assessor’s office to 237 Elm Street.

Town Hall Renovation Project Finances:

Property relocation(rent)budgeted: $1.279 million. Property relocation(rent) actual: $1.24 million.

Legal fees budgeted: $20,000. Legal fees actual: $20,000.

Remediation and Demolition budgeted: $850,200. Remediation and Demolition actual: $803,991

Architectural Fees budgeted: $780,000 Architectural fees actual: $810,000

Construction Management Remediation budgeted: $181,300.

Construction management remediation actual: $170,628.

Outside consultants budgeted: $133,500. Outside consultants actual: $131,500.

Construction costs budgeted: $13.2 million. Construction costs actual: $13.99 million.

Furniture/retaining walls budgeted: $400,000. Furniture/retaining walls actual: $200,000.

Security and audio visual budgeted: $75,000. Security and audio visual actual: $125,000.