NEW CANAAN — Town Councilman Christa Kenin has joined the pool of hopefuls seeking the Republican Town Committee’s nomination for the Board of Selectmen.

“It is apparent that there are many issues that have been festering which have kept our Town from reaching its full potential. These issues need immediate attention,” said Kenin, who has served on the Town Council since 2015 and has previously been the president of the Newcomers Club and has served on the West School Parent Teacher Club.

In a statement, Kenin listed government transparency, commuter parking, cell service and maintaining New Canaan’s vibrant downtown and public school system.

“Naturally as a parent of young children, I will continue to safeguard the crown jewel of our Town - the public school system. Thanks to our Board of Education and administration, it is tops,” Kenin said.

Kenin studied political science at Cornell University before receiving her law degree from Brooklyn Law School. She still maintains her New York law license. For three years she was a legal associate, and for another 10 she was advertising director. She moved with her husband four years ago and has two children in New Canaan Public Schools.

“Many people and groups have asked me to step forward to this position. I believe it is important that all seats are contested at each and every election,” Kenin said.

Incumbent First Selectman Robert Mallozzi III and Selectman Nick Williams announced together in March that they would each seek re-election. Kenin’s fellow Town Councilman, Kevin Moynihan, announced in May that he would challenge Mallozzi for the First Selectman and seek the RTC’s nomination at its July 18 caucus. In addition, on June 12, Republican Town Councilman Cristina Aguire-Ross declared her candidacy for First Selectman, after Kenin issued her statement.

Candidates who fail to secure the party’s nomination could force a primary election in September. The top voter getter for First Selectman will assume the town’s top elected position and the next two highest voter getters running for either First Selectman or just selectman will fill out the three person board. However, there must be at least one person on the board from a minority party, regardless of vote total.

Kit Devereaux, a Democrat, has also announced in March her intention to run for First Selectman.

In what is becoming an increasingly crowded pool of candidates for the Board of Selectmen, Kenin said she hopes the race will remain positive and focused on the issues.

“I am not about the drama. I am about the work. Rest assured, I have a good working relationship with both First Selectman candidates,” Kenin said.; @justinjapp1