Monday night's Board of Education meeting had some uncommon jubilation during the public comments. A section generally reserved for issues and concerns was replaced with enthusiastic praise for New Canaan's programs and staff.

Julius Alexander came up to podium and delivered praise to the Saxe computer initiative and all the work that has come out of the program. The project essentially takes old computers that are then refurbished and given to students, staff, senior citizens and other members of the community.

"I could tell you that this recycles computer and gives them a second life, or that students who would not otherwise have a computer now have one, or about the many hundreds of computers we have given away," Alexander said about the program. "I could tell you about the members of the community who make the effort to bring us there no longer needed computers, or about the parent volunteers. But I won't," he added sarcastically.

Alexander continued and lauded the efforts of all those involved with the program including the high school tech club, Lin Benware and Brenda Carmichael, and the Saxe custodial staff. However, he stressed the importance of Patty Potts, a middle sSchool teacher, and her role in starting the program.

"The only thing she does not do well is accept any type of recognition," Alexander joked.

Barb Achenbaum, president of the PFA, then took the podium to honor New Canaan High School Principal Tony Pavia, who recently announced his retirement at the end of the school year. Besides stating the fact that the students love him and that test scores have increased, she stated another fact that she enjoyed the most.

"One thousand three hundred and fifty-one is the enrollment number at New Canaan High School this year, the most it has been in years," Achenbaum said. "Yet somehow, he still knows every single one of them by name."

The meeting also included a special appearance by First Selectman Jeb Walker, who presided over the election of officers within the board. The positions are nominated and voted for by members of the board and happens every year around this time.

Nick Williams was nominated and subsequently accepted unanimously as Chairman of the Board of Education.

"I personally endorse this as well," Walker said.

Jenny McMahon was named vice chairman while Allison Bedula was appointment secretary.