When divorce lawyer Livia DeFilippis Barndollar isn't working from her New Canaan-based law firm, she can often be found taking a plate of chicken breasts to task in the kitchen.

"I really feel food is a way for people to connect, and the practice of law is such that we have more and more contact by e-mail," she said. "People getting in a room together to converse is no longer the norm. It's a casualty of how we communicate."

For Barndollar, a past president of the Connecticut Bar Association with 19 years of practice under her belt, cooking is synonymous with hearth, home and friendship.

One of her favorite dishes is her maternal grandmother's take on baked chicken. "Mama Rose's Chicken," as she calls it, is a comfort food fixing of skinless breasts tossed with potato wedges, onion strips, grated Parmigiano cheese and black pepper.

"I love to cook and I love to feed people," she said.

By editing "From Court to Cuisine," a collection of 89 recipes collected and published by attorneys, paralegals and staff of the Connecticut Bar Association, Barndollar is helping to do just that.

Published in December, "From Court to Cuisine" is a charity project headed by the CBA's Young Lawyers Section. All proceeds from the $7.50 sale of each cookbook support food banks and soup kitchens in Norwalk, New Haven and Hartford.

"This is pretty important to me because the opportunity to edit this came to me around Thanksgiving when it was particularly clear to me that hunger is a problem in the United States," she said of the cookbook, which includes a recipe for Mama Rose's Chicken. "Living where we do and working in New Canaan and seeing the wealth, it's really important to remind myself of the need out there. ... It's a heartwarming project, but it's just a drop in the bucket."

To purchase From Court to Cuisine, order online at ctbar.org under "Online Store" or call the CBA Member Service Center at 860-223-4400.

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