NEW CANAAN — Spring Water Lane, Hillcrest Road and Adams Lane will be among the roads paved in town as the weather warms.

On Tuesday, the Board of Selectmen approved $761,413 toward the Pave 2017 — Local Roads #1 Project, that would allow the paving to begin on the roads, many of which have not been touched in 20 years, in the next few weeks, according to Director of Public Works Tiger Mann.

“Have we got any that have not been touched in 20 years?” Selectman Beth Jones asked.

“The last time the town did any work was in 1984. We started in 2004, we started repaving. So in the 20-year span, not much was done at all. And then since that time between 2004 and now, we’ve done 67 percent of the town’s roads. So some of those roads, that latter 33 percent, they could be longer than 20,” Mann said.

In addition to the repaving, the selectmen approved a $75,000 extension of an agreement with New England Paving for localized road repairs.

According to Mann, it is the first of two phases of work, the second of which will begin in or around August, to repair roads throughout town.

At least one more set of roads will be paved this summer. The specific roads have not been determined, but some, like Country Club Road, are being considered.

But even with this year’s scheduled road improvements, Mann said the town has a way to go before it is repaved 100 percent.

“We are getting caught up on those,” Mann said. “We’ll have another five, six years at least to get to everybody.”; @justinjpapp1