Energizing Education was a day of fun enjoyed by more than 100 kids, consisting of games, contests, prizes, music, pizza and ice cream designed for middle school children from all local towns.

Kids Helping Kids partnered with the Student Governing Board at the Outback to create this fund raising event on Friday, Feb. 24. These 25 local teens were determined to raise awareness and money to send kids to school in a small town in Nicaragua. It only takes $101 to educate a child per year. This includes the cost of uniforms, shoes, books and tuition. Members of Kids Helping Kids travel to the village of Nagarote every summer to work with these children. It is an amazing experience for youth to see the impact of their efforts. Some children were attending school for the first time, at 10-years-old, as a result donations.

Those interested can make a donation at www.KidsHelpingKidsCT.org.

Kids Helping Kids is a nonprofit organization developing future leaders through youth-led service programs by providing them a platform to turn their passion into action. The Kids Helping Kids program is unique because every project is inspired, designed and led by youth.

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The group currently has students from 26 different local schools involved in the program. In a fast-paced, technological world, these young adults slow down to identify and support a cause. They gain perspective of the world they live in and appreciation for their power to influence change, and at the same time make a positive impact on the lives of other children. These are small steps in creating life-long leadership skills; this is how we build leaders for the future.

Visit KidsHelpingKidsCT.org or e-mail KidsHelpingKidsCT@gmail.com or call 203-253-3400.