Back into the pool they go.

The New Canaan YMCA Aquianas synchronized swim team performed their first meet of the season at the Junior/Senior Tri-State Association Championships for swimmers 13 years old and over.

The meet was held on Jan. 30 at Hamden High School. The girls unveiled their 2009-2010 routines and placed in all of the events they competed in.

The other teams competing were the Hamden Heronettes, the Long Island Synchro Swans, Westfield (NJ) YMCA Aquaducks and the Gotham (NY) Synchro.

"We need the scores from this meet to qualify to compete in other meets during the season" head coach Jen Muzyk said. "It was a great way to start the year for both our junior and senior swimmers."

All of the routines were also on display this past weekend in New Jersey, and the team had the opportunity to qualify for Senior Zones in March.

In the junior category, New Canaan's swimmers took silver and bronze in compulsory figures, with Mina Shah coming in second with a 64.529 and Alison Commender in third place with a score of 62.513. For solo, New Canaan's Erin Wheeler took the silver medal with a score of 64.097.

The Aquianas have seven duets in the junior classification -- they took the silver and bronze spots. Silver went to Commender and Shah, while Molly Flynn and Rebecca Trinklein took the bronze.

For trios, Selena Liu, Jennifer O'Neill and Trinklein took first place with a 62.141, and Diya Banerjee, Alexandra Lin and Isabella Montgomery won the bronze medal with a score of 59.390.

In the team event, first place went to New Canaan's team of Banerjee, Lin, Liu, Montgomery, Emily Roney, Wheeler and Kate Dalia with a 62.317. Second place also went to New Canaan team members Elissa Feist, Anastasia Lenskiy, Lauren Mayhew, O'Neill, Yurika Oshima and Annabel Schneider with a score of 59.485.

In the senior category, New Canaan swimmers took six of the top eight slots in figures. Marina Hoffman took the second place slot with a score of 64.994, followed by third-place winner Dana McLachlin with 64.861 and Mina Shah with 64.529.

In duets, Hoffman and McLachlin took the gold while duet partners Commender and Shah took the bronze. In trios, New Canaan won the gold and bronze medals. Gold went to Commender, Hoffman and McLachlin and bronze went to Laura Cardi, Amelia Clark and Shah.

"The New Canaan Aquianas have dominated this championship for more than 10 years, so it was nice to continue our winning streak," Muzyk said. "The girls will now move on to zone competition, where we expect them to do well against a wider array of teams from the eastern zone."

Junior Zones were held last weekend, and the Senior Zone championship follows a month later in Albany, N.Y., during the weekend of March 5 through 7.

For more information about synchronized swimming or the Aquianas' programs and teams, contact Jen Muzyk at 203-966-4528, ext. 183.

-- NancyMontgomery