A group of 26 high school students from the First Presbyterian Church of New Canaan and Rye Presbyterian Church recently traveled to New Orleans to help with the ongoing rebuilding process


The New Canaan students, led by chaperones the Rev. Katherine Stanford and Jennifer Gulden of the New Canaan church, spent the week repairing a home and a school destroyed in the wake of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. In addition to rebuilding and construction, high school and college students like the two youth groups come from across the country to stay at the Annunciation Mission to help in the areas of education, poverty and hunger and environmentalism.

The volunteers were thanked by everyone they met -- on the street, at CVS, waiting in line for snowballs (snow cones) -- for coming down.

The groups met throughout the year to get to know each other prior to the trip, and are discussing another mission trip together to continue their work.

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