The top five winners in the New Canaan High School Theatre's 25th annual Drama Festival May 1 to 3 cast and directed their one-act plays.

Each year the festival offers one-act plays written by students, who are responsible for all aspects of the production. The festival's theme was "SNAP," which was interpreted in many ways by the student playwrights -- some recalled the finger snapping at a poetry reading, another a photographic snapshot; one play was about snapping emotionally.

The winning playwrights selected for the festival were:

First place: Charlotte and Lillian Engel for "Snapshot"

Second place: Anna Oxman and Lauren Perone for "Into Reality"

Third place: Elizabeth Koennecke and Lauren Mellinger for "The Snap of Your Fingers"

Fourth place: Lizzy Crigler and Annie Ludtke for "Irony"

Fifth place: Allegra D'Virgilio for "Snap"