Personal preparedness -- for emergencies and other challenges of later years -- will be the focus of Staying Put's annual meeting from 2 to 4 p.m. Sunday, May 18, in Morrill Hall, St. Mark's Church, 111 Oenoke Ridge.

Following presentations on Staying Put's operations and financials, a panel discussion will led by Jim Cole, a member of Staying Put's board and former emergency management director of New Canaan, and Stacey Hafen, director of community preparedness for the Connecticut Red Cross. Cole and Hafens, both New Canaan residents, have been involved in emergency preparedness for the 15 years.

The discussion will offer practical ways to be prepared for emergencies and times of stress, with particular focus on helping seniors.

"One topic will be on having a personal and family communications plan that will let friends and loved ones be connected in an emergency situation," Cole said in a release. "Another involves steps you can take now so town officials can keep you informed during emergencies situations. A third topic will involve what you and your family need to do to protect personal information while keeping it available for your own use when your home might not be accessible.

"Handouts and demonstrations at several information tables, including how to keep your person and your home safe for senior living, will accompany the discussions of these areas."

To register, call 203-966-7762.