At a time when the nation was divided by war, Abraham Lincoln undertook a course of action to unite the country and end slavery. Visitors to the New Canaan Historical Society at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, March 27, can experience Lincoln when Howard Wright presents "Simply Lincoln."

The performance is part of the NCHS' Civil War Lecture Series entitled "The Civil War...Its Personal."

"Our 16th president radiated a quality of wisdom. His role in our country's history coupled with his humane personality and gifts as an orator created a legacy that inspires us all," said Janet Lindstrom, executive director of the New Canaan Historical Society, 13 Oenoke Ridge Road. "We are so pleased to bring the `Simply Lincoln' program to our community, providing the audience with insights into a selection of Lincoln's stirring speeches and letters."

Wright, a member of the Association of Lincoln Presenters, will address the audience in the first person as he shares Lincoln's actual words. Standing at 6 feet 3 inches (yielding an inch to Mr. Lincoln himself) and speaking with a Kentucky-style accent while dressed in accurate and authentic attire, Wright will create a memorable impression and provide an entertaining performance.

Refreshments will follow the event, which costs $5 for NCHS members, Staying Put in New Canaan and students and $10 for nonmembers is $10. For information, visit

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