State Sen. Toni Boucher was recognized by the Connecticut Coalition for Achievement Now for her leadership on education reform issues during an awards ceremony at Wilton High School.

Senator Boucher was presented with the ConnCAN Tip of the Cap Award by Alex Johnston, a nationally recognized education reform advocate and CEO of ConnCAN.

Among those who attended the ceremony were local government officials, including members of the Westport and Wilton school boards. Boucher is a former member and chairwoman of the Wilton Board of Education.

"I am so pleased to be able to honor Senator Boucher with the Tip of the Cap award. She has been a strong leader on education reform, and always goes the extra mile to make sure that we are focusing on what will best serve Connecticut's children. I look forward to partnering with her in the future to further improve outcomes for all of our students," said Johnston.

Boucher, who learned to speak English as an Italian immigrant child attending school in Connecticut, said she has always considered it an honor and a privilege to work to ensure that all children have access to a quality public school education. She said she is honored to receive the ConnCAN Tip of the Cap Award.

"I became involved in government, first as a member of the Wilton school board and later as a member of the State Board of Education because I so strongly believe that ensuring a good quality education is our moral obligation to all of Connecticut's children, and the key to our state's future. I will continue to partner with ConnCAN and their members, as well as other legislators, to work to ensure that all of the children of our state have that same opportunity to get a good education," said Senator Boucher.

ConnCAN was founded in 2005 by educational entrepreneurs in Connecticut who believe that closing the education gap requires not only innovative educational models, but also issue-based advocacy.

The mission of the organization, located in Hartford and New Haven, is to provide "great schools for all" by running results-oriented issues campaigns.

Working with key legislative supporters and local philanthropists such as Andy Boas and Michael Kassen of Westport, they pushed through educational policies that make real changes for kids and go a long way towards closing Connecticut's deep achievement gap.

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