Professional skateboarder Tony Hawk had a Twitter Hunt (#THTH) Sunday, April 15, and one of the towns featured in the hunt was Norwalk.

On his Twitter, Hawk listed more than 80 cities in 45 states and around the world where prizes were hidden.

He gave clues on his Twitter account and his followers had to hunt for the prizes, which included autographed skateboards, skate gear, golf gear, bicycles, video games, smart phones, clothes, audio equipment, snacks and gift certificates.

When hunters found a prize, they tweeted a photo to Hawk, who crossed off the town on his hunt site,, and posted the win on Twitter.

Hawk's Norwalk tweet read "ROWAYTON, CT: In Pinkney Park, you must find the woman with daffodils -- she has the final clue for you! Photo Clue #THTH."

A local family won and tweeted their celebratory photo to Hawk.

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There was also a prize behind the post office in Westport, which was the other Connecticut town featured in the hunt. The tweet read "WESTPORT, CT: Head to the old post office on post road. Look behind the sign. #THTH."

Hawk started the event after he saw how quickly news traveled, according to USA Today.

"One day, on his way to the ramps, he hid a skateboard and tweeted that the first person to find it could keep it. Ten minutes later, he got a response. Now, Hawk's Twitter Hunt is an annual event," the article said.