Last week's Republican Caucus saw a string of winners with the likes of Rob Mallozzi, Nick Williams, Ken Campbell, Tucker Murphy, Steve Karl, Roger Williams and Claudia Weber. But what about those candidates who were not so lucky? Many of them are understandably disappointed but still happy with the experience.

"It is what it is. The voters voted and they selected the people they wanted to select in Town Council. I'm happy that Roger Williams got the nod and I'm happy that Mr. Mallozzi won as well," Town Council candidate Dan Radman said. "It was, at times, a very tense and argumentative process. The debates were very healthy and brought a lot of things to light and were very valuable in showing who the candidates are and what they believe in. I think the overwhelming turnout in the early voting sessions were very positive. It showed people really cared."

Radman, who received 892 votes, also said that while Karl and Murphy would have gotten nods no matter what, those final two spots were anybody's game.

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"In some cases, the balance was only off by 100 or a couple of hundred votes. It could have gone either way," he said. "But listen, I am happy to be part of the process. I've learned a lot. I've learned a lot about he election process here in town and a lot about the various people and players in the political scene. I will be looking forward to serving the town in another capacity. If there is some other committee or commission out there in the future that needs my help, I would gladly step up to the plate. I'm also looking forward to 2013 when the next Town Council spots will open up again."

Roy Abramowitz was also happy with his first shot at Town Council.

"I wish to thank all those who supported my platform and heard my message. The support was wonderful and heartfelt. I met a lot of wonderful, supportive and caring people I had not previously known, I had a fun time campaigning and debating the issues. I especially wish to thank Paul Foley for his support and direction. I hope I have made a difference and the citizenry now are aware of the issues New Canaan faces and the financial practices that must be instituted," Abramowitz said. "I wish to congratulate all the successful candidates especially Roger Williams my RAW running mate and Rob Malozzi III who I have supported before he announced. New Canaan made a smart choice with Roger and Rob. I also enjoyed getting to know the Town Council incumbent candidates I ran against. Steve Karl's humor and offer of help at times was greatly appreciated."

Still, even with all he took from the experience, Abramowitz did not shy away from criticisms.

"My only issue is that I believe the election process must be changed. When I spoke at the Caucus, 1319 votes, or 56.5 percent, of the total votes were already previously cast at early voting and the auditorium was only a quarter full. Which means the majority of the approximate 913 votes cast (that) night were cast before the speeches. Why have a caucus and speak when probably more than 80 percent of the voting has already taken place? That being said it, appears that the Town Council voting is more of a popularity contest then people really voting on the issues," he said. "I am honored that I received 796 votes my first time out especially running against three very popular incumbents. My heartfelt thanks to those who listened and voted for me."

Roger Williams, while happy about his nomination, was disappointed his running mates Abramowitz and Radman did not make it through.

"Well it does feels good that the Republican voters thought highly enough of me to be a Town Council candidate this fall. But personally, I am somewhat sorry that my running mates didn't garner enough votes to join me today," Williams said.

"It is going to be a little more difficult to provoke change with one voice instead of three. But then again, I do have a very loud voice."

Jennifer Purdy echoed the thoughts and feelings of the other runner-ups about her town clerk bid against Claudia Weber, who won with 1,120 votes.

"I am honored and appreciative of the support I received from the community and my family," Purdy said. "I congratulate Claudia on her successful nomination. This was my first campaign and I was constantly inspired by the people and teams that were part of this election. My enthusiasm hasn't waned; it was a good race."

In the First Selectman race, Paul Giusti was content with the race he ran.

"Clearly its disappointing, but I offer my congrats to Rob on running a good campaign as he clearly carried the day today," Giusti said.

As far as his next steps, Giusti was unsure.

"Well I'm still on the Board of Finance and will serve out until November. After that, we will see I suppose. But you know, I've been honored to have 10 year of service for this town. I was very proud of our campaign. I think it was a very positive platform that focused on the issues at hand. So while the loss is disappointing, I am fulfilled and satisfied by the support I did receive."

Republican Town Committee Chairman James O'Hora, praised all the candidates and voters who participated in this year's caucus.

"With over 2,200 Republicans voting (36 percent turnout) including over 1,300 in our two early voting sessions, it appears the Republican electorate responded to a `detailed issues oriented campaign' and I applaud all the candidates who ran in every race; for sticking to the `high road' in their campaign messages," O'Hora said. "We should all be proud of the quality of candidates that stepped forward this year and I certainly hope all of them will continue to contribute to our town in some fashion."