NEW CANAAN — The twisted metal, shattered glass and simple sign say it all: Don’t use your phone while driving.

The remains of a black Mitsubishi Lancer — airbags sagging, windshield gone and one wheel unnaturally extended like a broken wing — were dropped onto the corner of Main and Maple recently, after a stint catching youngsters’ eyes outside New Canaan High School.

“It really resonates with people when you see that kind of damage to the car,” said Anthony Ceraso, owner of AC Autobody & Mechanical Service, which has been in business 40 years. “We’re using it as a display.”

The car crashed on Interstate 95. State troopers called the garage to have it towed away. It’s unrepairable, Ceras said, and the driver didn’t have insurance.

After its stint as a public safety message, the car will be scrapped.

“We’re doing it to send a message,” Ceraso said. “We try to do it on an annual basis to boost awareness, especially for the kids. They all think they’re infallible; nothing’s going to happen to them.”