Turtleback Associates LP to Turtleback Associates II LP, 7 Turtleback Road South, $1,750,000.

Maurice Kirk Carr II and Laurel Jean Carr to Nerone Qela and Julinda Qela, 568 Old Stamford Road, $542,000.

The Lee Family Trust to Thomas Doster, 355 and 343 Wahackme Road, $3,200,000.

Nancy Evans to St. Luke's Foundation, Inc., 174 Soundview Lane, $1,905,000.

Susan Hadley to 199 Main Street, LLC, 119 Main Street, $300,000.

Matthew C. Gilman and Malia E. Gilman to Shayla O'Neil and Colin O'Neil, 249 Old Norwalk Road, $1,322,500.