For the week of May 7 to May 14.

Guenter Rohrmann to Jan E. and Eric. P. Bentelson, 187 Old Stamford Road, $1,350,000.

Philip S. DelMazio to Kurt and Marianne Cohen, 373 Main Street, $932,500.

Stefania Masoni to Mihai Ticsa and Tutoveanu Carina, 205 Main Street, #34, $562,000.

Emerson A and Sheila M. Torgan to Sarah Lohmann and Christopher B. Hering, 107 Old Stamford Road, $920,000.

Raymond Mastroianni to James T. Demirjian, 430 Frogtown Road, $3,000,000.

Elizabeth Vigano to Raymong and Katherine Mastroianni, 27 Wahackme Road, $1,930,000.

Meadow Partners, LLC to Stephen B. and Abigail G. Dunkin, 25 Meadow Lane, $833,000.