NEW CANAAN — The names on the list of the town’s top paid employees remained unchanged from last year.

For the second consecutive year, Superintendent of Schools Bryan Luizzi tops the list of highest-earning town employees, grossing $262,248 for 2017. Luizzi was appointed to the position in 2014 and holds a doctorate from Columbia University.

“The Board of Education evaluates the superintendent annually,” Dionna Carlson, chairwoman of the school board said. “As part of this review, we evaluate performance related to district goals and discuss competitiveness of salary with surrounding districts.”

Other Board of Education employees were on the list. Assistant Superintendent Jill Correnty made $201,150, Director of Finance and Operations Jo-Ann Keating made $198,481 and Director of Human Resources Gary Cass made $186,558.

Principals from the high school, middle school and elementary schools were also on the list. New Canaan High School Principal William Egan earned $196,984 and Greg Macedo, the middle school principal who announced he would be retiring at the end of this academic school year, earned $181,621.

Joanne Rocco, Kristine Woleck and Janet Murphy, the principals of South, East and West Elementary, respectively, tied for ninth with each earning $175,601.

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Top paid town employees for 2017

1. Bryan Luizzi, Superintendent of Schools, $262,248

2. William Ferri, Police Lieutenant, $202,242 * ($113,764)

3. Jill Correnty, Assistant Superintendent, $201,250

4. Jo-Ann Keating, Director of Finance and Operations, $198,481

5. William Egan, Principal of New Canaan High School, $196,984

6. Jason Ferraro, Police Lieutenant, $186,826 * ($113,425)

7. Gary Kass, Director of Human Resources, $186,558

8. Greg Macedo, Principal of Saxe Middle School, $181,621

T9. Joanne Rocco, Principal of South Elementary, $175,601

Kristine Woleck, Principal of East Elementary, $175,601

Janet Murphy, Principal of West Elementary, $175,601

*base salary in parenthesis

“We are incredibly fortunate in New Canaan to have such a dedicated and talented administrative team at all levels across the district,” Carlson added.

The list also includes two officers, Lt. William Ferri, who made $202,242, and Lt. Jason Ferraro who made $186,826 in Fiscal Year 2018. The base salaries for Ferri and Ferraro, however, amount to $113,764 and $113,425, respectively. The officers’ overtime and extra duty hours add to their base salaries.

“To better provide for their families, many officers annually work hundreds of extra hours, extra duty and overtime, in all kinds of inclement weather,” Chief of Police Leon Krolikowski said.

According to Krolikowski, overtime hours are paid by taxpayer money and extra duty hours are paid by private contractors who require police services.

These extra hours come at the cost of family and personal time, Krolikowski said.

“On many occasions, while working extra-duty jobs, these officers have stopped crimes from occurring, have helped and protect utility crews that were restoring power, provided security at public events, made arrests and supplemented the work shift during emergencies,” Krolikowski added.