New Canaan police are warning residents to beware of scams after an 83-year-old female New Canaanite wired $3,000 to someone in Peru.

The complainant received a phone call from a female claiming to be her granddaughter Dec. 6 at 10:30 a.m. The "granddaughter" told the complainant she was arrested in Canada and needed bond money to get out. A male then got on the phone and told the complainant to wire $3,000 to an address in Lima, Peru.

Police said the male advised her to go to Stop and Shop in Norwalk to wire the money. Police said the man claimed the bond officer was in Peru for a convention and advised the complainant not to tell anyone the money was for a bondsman.

The complainant wired the $3,000 through Western Union and then spoke with her daughter to tell her what happened. The daughter said the granddaughter was still in college and not in Canada.

The New Canaan Police Department has issued the following guidelines to follow in these types of situations. If anyone gets a call from a relative stating they need to get out of jail in another country or anything similar they should:

1.) Contact an immediate family member related to who the caller is claiming to be and tell them about the call you just received.

2.) Confirm the whereabouts of that person (grandchild).

3.) If you find out you were being scammed, contact the police department.

4.) In a real custody arrest situation a police officer would never instruct a person to wire bond money.

5.) Be suspicious of these type of calls made from outside the United States (or claiming they are outside the U.S.)

6.) Be suspicious of people asking to wire money, especially to a different country.

7.) When in doubt, contact the police.

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