No one was injured in the large structure fire that occurred on Puddin Hill Road Tuesday.

"But we did have one near injury," New Canaan Fire Marshal Fred Baker said. "A baby grand piano fell through the living room into the basement. Luckily it did not land on anyone."

The New Canaan Fire Department responded to the Center of Bioenergetic Analysis on Puddin Hill Road at approximately 1:30 p.m., and extinguished the fire at about 2:18 p.m. Fire and emergency services were at the scene from New Canaan, as well as Vista and Lewisboro, N.Y.

Baker said the fire was caused by ashes from the fireplace that were not properly disposed of.

"There was a fire in the fireplace the night before," Baker said. "The ashes were cleared out and placed in the basement where it ignited."

According to officials, the woman at home could not immediately contact anyone regarding the fire because her phone was not working.

"She had run out in the middle of the street yelling for help and then we were able to respond," Baker said. "She just inhaled a little bit of smoke and had cold feet since she ran outside barefoot."

The American Red Cross also responded to the scene by providing canteen service for emergency responders.

"On a cold, wet day like this, hot beverages for hard-working first responders will be appreciated," said American Red Cross spokesman Paul Shipman. "Providing beverages and snacks to keep firefighters warm and help them maintain energy during a fire response is a service we are glad to provide to people who put themselves in harm's way to help us every day," Shipman said.

As of now the building is uninhabitable and in the hands of the insurance agency and the owner.

The center was also the long-time residence of the late Dr. Alexander Lowen, an expert on how bioenergetic analysis can shape the mind and body. He worked, lived and practiced there for more than 50 years.