Meet a very special soul named Atlas. He is a mix of Australian Shepherd and husky, and is just over 5 months old. Atlas is a product of backyard breeding, and like so many victims of the practice, he did not have adequate socialization during his primary developmental period. As a result, Atlas has some special needs, and so we are looking for a special family for him. Atlas feels safest around other dogs, so we are looking for a home with a very social and playful adult dog who will be able to teach Atlas about the joys of life in a home. Because Atlas has not yet discovered the security of a human bond, he will need to have special care taken so his leash is never dropped and the garden gate is never left open until he learns.

For more information about Atlas, visit the Westport Adoption Center, 455 Post Road East, Westport or call 203-227-4137.