The Board of Education Monday discussed a motion to potentially move two sections from South Elementary School to one or two of the other schools in town.

The Board has yet to make a decision, but unanimously agreed it is an issue they need to tackle. Projections for the 2012-2013 school year show South School's enrollment will exceed West School's enrollment by around 100 students.

South School's enrollment is expected to be around 587, while West School will be 479. East School falls at 517. The Board doesn't yet know where students would be placed. South School Principal Joanne Rocco urged the Board to make a decision by its next meeting May 7 so the administration has enough time to prepare.

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Roy Walder, head of transportation for the district, also expressed concerns about new bus routes if certain students were moved to a different school. He said he would need time to figure out proper routes and spaces for kids to get on their buses safely, especially in high traffic areas.

Several parents were also on hand to discuss the enrollment issue.

Cobie Graber warned the Board about being too careful with the issue and making sure the enrollment issue is resolved so that the quality of education does not suffer.

"I don't think you can say you're offering the same education at all schools when there's so much overcrowding at one," Graber said.

Parent Kelly Kraus recalled redistricting with her kids when they were younger but admitted it was a rather unnecessary experience in her view.

"I can tell you (your kids will) live through it. It's really not that bad," Kraus said. "It was, however, a totally unnecessary experience then and I'm afraid you're doing the same thing again.";203-972-4413;