Norwalk Radiology & Mammography Center recently passed its annual state inspection, conducted in accordance with the federal Mammography Quality Standards Act.

This designation distinguishes Norwalk Radiology & Mammography Centers as one of Connecticut's premier women's imaging centers in terms of delivering the highest quality mammography care to patients.

"To meet the very stringent criteria set forth in the MQSA inspection demonstrates our team's commitment to quality," Heather Frimmer, M.D., medical director of The Suite for Women's Imaging at Norwalk Radiology & Mammography Center, said. "This is not an easy task, and outstanding attention to quality patient care is our ultimate motivator."

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The inspection was performed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Food and Drug Administration.

To receive MQSA distinction, six major areas are evaluated: equipment performance, technologist quality control, medical physicist survey, personnel qualifications, medical reports and outcome audits.

On Oct. 1, 1994, the United States Congress approved the Mammography Quality Standards Act that requires mammography facilities to adhere to strict quality standards. MQSA was created by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and requires any facility that provides mammograms to be accredited by the FDA or an FDA-approved accreditation body, be certified by the FDA or the state, receive annual MQSA inspections and display its FDA certification in a prominent area. Certification means that a mammography facility has met the MQSA requirements for providing quality mammography services.

Since 1985, Norwalk Radiology & Mammography Center has grown into the largest imaging center in Fairfield County and has recently been designated a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence by the American College of Radiology.

Offering an array of cutting-edge technology, the practice is also fully accredited by the American College of Radiology in CT, Mammography, MRI and ultrasound. Specialized services are also available through The Suite for Women's Imaging.

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