NEW CANAAN — It will be the job of a newly formed group of town officials and residents to evaluate the uses, physical condition and future capital needs of town buildings.

The Board of Selectmen voted Tuesday to disband the Waveny House Committee and form, in its place, the Town Building Evaluation and Use Committee, whose scope of operations will be more broad than its predecessor.

“It’s important that we look at it holistically,” First Selectman Robert Mallozzi III said.

The committee will include Amy Carroll and Neil Budnick from the Board of Finance, Penny Young and Christa Kenin from the Town Council, Bill Holmes of the Waveny Park Conservancy Board and Martin Skrelunas, vice-chairman of the Historic District Commission, and Ben Bilus, a private citizen.

“Penny and others on the committee, as well as members of the Board of Finance, have been thinking for the past few months, you can’t just look at one building. We have too many buildings,” Mallozzi said.

The new committee will focus on a group of town buildings including the Playhouse Theater, Vine Cottage, Waveny House and the former Outback Teen Center, many of which have garnered attention recently, either for failing physical conditions, a lack of viable uses, or a combination of both.

“Certainly there are some buildings coming into play much more quickly, for instance Waveny, the teen center, the Vine Cottage,” Mallozzi said. “The good news is, in speaking with Penny, speaking with Bill Holmes, speaking with folks on the committee and the new folks, they all want to get this done within six months.”