An 87-year-old New Canaan woman is out $175,000 after falling victim to the "Grandparent Scam," which has plagued the area for more than a year.

The woman told police she received a call Sept. 6 from a man claiming to be an attorney representing her granddaughter. The man said the granddaughter was involved in a car accident which injured a child. He said the woman needed to wire $75,000 for her bond. He then put a woman on the phone he claimed was the granddaughter. Police said the woman began "crying hysterically" and asking for help.

Police said the New Canaan woman wired the money to California.

The man called the next day and told the grandmother the child in the accident had died. He claimed the bond increased and told her to wire another $100,000

The woman wired $100,000. Soon after, a bank employee told her the situation sounded like a scam.

The complainant then contacted her granddaughter and learned she was not involved in an accident or arrested.

The Connecticut Financial Crimes Task Force and Secret Service are assisting in the investigation.

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