SOUTHPORT -- After several years of above normal temperatures, the 36th running of the Pequot Thanksgiving Day five-mile race was run in the cold.

The men's division was again contested between Fairfield's Matthew Kane and Henry Wynne, who ran 43 and 36 seconds faster than last year, respectively. But this year Fairfield's Harry Warnick gave Warde a 1-2 finish.

Kane's time was 24:40, the fastest in many years. For the women, Kristen Henehan of Kensington, MD and Cait Bradley ran 30 and 18 seconds faster than last year, respectively, but they were edged by Heather Stephens of Washington, DC, who won in a time of 28:57.

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Co-sponsored by Fidelity Investments, ASF Outdoors of Westport, Southport Family Dental, Poland Spring Water, Trinity Episcopal Church and Fred's Car Wash, the race is one of the largest in Connecticut and the largest five-mile race in the state.

The race has benefited organizations including the Wakeman Boys/Girls Club of Southport, Westport EMS , the Domestic Violence Crisis Center, Fairfield Counseling Services , the Laddie Lawrence Scholarship Fund (founded by the Pequot Running Club) at Staples High School in Westport, Westport EMS and the Fairfield Police Explorers.

Top finishers from New Canaan:

91.Caroline Murray 32:02

167.Ike Groff 34:02

180.Chip Murray 34:12

222.Christian Murphy 34:21

261.Mike O'Neill 35:15

289.James Appleton 35:53

293.Brett Wilderman 35:47

312.Lisa Tuffy 36:21

354.Sam Brindley 36:44

392.Elizabeth Perry 37:32

401.Dana Perry 37:32

479.John Dunn 38:03

489.Sarah Griffith 38:48

501.Matthew Maddox 38:07

509.Kerry Smith 38:22

709.Greville Ward 39:52

783.Douglas Parker 40:44

785.Peter Dagostino 39:59

796.John Serena 40:51

861.Rebecca Brindley 40:48

903.Mark Schneider 41:02

907.Matthew Riley 40:54

1170.James Riley 42:42

1241.Svetlin Tchakarov 42:46

1357.Dale Sweeney 43:59

1508.Justin Zylick 44:18

1549.Amelia Schneider 44:28

1552.Paige Schneider 44:29

1787.Lisa Karp 44:00

1838.Sarah Sykes 45:31

1850.Brian Flatow 45:57

1915.Will Dagostino 46:38

1970.Jenn Dagostino 46:59

1973.Joe Dagostino 46:59

2322.Michael Buscher 47:46

2324.Emily Burns 49:04

2325.Benjamin Burns 49:04

2343.Mike Holland 50:33

2364.Todd Challe 46:18

2614.Alister Neville 49:19

2634.Jack Green 49:26

2755.Emma Sykes 50:46

2788.Sandra Brady 51:03

2891.Brent Edwards 51:04

2892.Jessica Edwards 51:05

2908.Joan Jaworowski 53:58

2928.Suzanne Green 54:05

2945.Clark Murray 50:08

2954.Caroline Challe 49:49

2973.Jenny Levin 50:25

2975.Emilie Rubinfeld 50:25

3283.Carissa Marz 52:41

3334.Peggy Challe 52:58

3383.Dylan Seth 53:11

3384.Kendra Seth 53:11

3402.Tucker Seth 53:18

3418.Mason Dorman 57:43

3419.Mark Dorman 57:44

3545.Katarina Tchakarov 58:05

3655.Kevin Seth 56:51

3689.Henry Seth 57:45

3720.Colm Dobbyn 59:14

3733.Gene Dunkin 59:16

3734.Brad Dunkin 59:16

3865.Daniel Stepanek 67:21

3888.Sarah Appleton 69:16

3890.Jeffrey Appleton 69:17

3932.Debbie Slazyk 75:54