NEW CANAAN — A New Canaan group with plans to sponsor a refugee family is avidly following the federal appeals court but is unlikely to see their hopes realized anytime soon.

People stuck sleeping in airports and facing being sent back to refugee camps are the main priority for the Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services, the organization working with New Canaan Welcomes.

Consequently, despite the temporary suspension of President Donald Trump’s travel and immigration ban, New Canaan Welcomes, a refugee sponsorship group in town, will likely not get a family anytime soon.

“Right now, the state department is frantically working to get the 100,000 people that had everything completely done out the door,” said Juli Kurtzman, the New Canaan mom who founded the group. “It’s very unlikely anybody else would be given a visa in the next two weeks.”

Kurtzman said they are waiting for a decision from United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, in San Francisco,to hopefully lift the ban permanently. In the meantime, IRIS has told her to still be prepared in case they can get New Canaan a family.

“They want us to be on notice,” she said.; @erin_kayata