New Canaan 2008 boys Red swept the 30th annual Soccer Club of Ridgefield's (SCOR) Columbus Day Tournament.

U.K. Elite Coach Barry Beattie has been working with this first-year team to experience different playing positions (offense, defense and goalie) to allow players the chance to develop the knowledge and confidence in various positions.

In Saturday’s opening game, the 2008 Red team faced off against Weston Blue. New Canaan took the field with confidence leading to a 5-1 victory.

The second game challenged the hosting club Ridgefield as the team battled their Eagles.

With an equally balanced field, the play continued to the last period for a 2-1 victory.

The final game introduced the 08 Red boys to the Ridgefield Falcons. The boys used all that they have learned from Coach Beattie, combined with their natural instincts and competence to bring a 3-2 victory back to New Canaan.