One week after the expected start, New Canaan public schools opened on a regular schedule Tuesday despite some heavy rain.

"We had a fantastic first day," Superintendent David Abbey said. "Especially given the rain and everything from last week's storm, it went very well."

The buses ran on time for the most part and there were no major issues, he said.

"There are always adjustments and little things to deal with on day one," Abbey said. "You have young children getting on buses and getting used to their schedules so that is to be expected. But for a first day, especially one in bad weather, the buses and everyone else did great."

Apart from the usual adjustments, Abbey said there was only one hiccup all day.

"West (Elementary) School was without power early Tuesday morning at 4:30 a.m.," Abbey said. "Apparently there was a tree that fell on a power line causing the outage. Luckily we had Cl&P work on it to have the power back up at 6:45 a.m."

Abbey spent the day visiting all of the schools and was pleased with what he saw.

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"It was outstanding. The principals did a great job organizing everything and the teachers were just typically professional," Abbey said. "They were eager and enthusiastic to be back after all the cancellations last week. They were like athletes preparing for an athletic contest which was delayed for four days straight. So they were really energized on this first day. It was fun."

While visiting and sitting in on classes, Abbey was impressed at how all the schools were operating like a well-oiled machine, especially the high school.

"All the schools did great, but the high school has a more intricate scheduling process and I was amazed at how determined and purposeful it seemed," he said. "It felt like it was the third or fourth week of school as opposed to the first day."