With the heat wave of late last week broken, the work week may begin on a stormy note, according to the National Weather Service.

Skies across southwestern Connecticut are cloudy early this morning and are expected to remain gray most of the day. In sharp contrast to Friday's triple-digit temperature, the daytime high is expected to reach only about 78 degrees. There will be a southeast wind between 5 and 9 mph.

Storms could move across the region overnight, with scattered showers and thunderstorms possible tonight and very early tomorrow. The nighttime low temperature is expected to be about 68 degrees.

Tomorrow, however, should be mostly sunny, the NWS says, with a high near 81 degrees. Tomorrow night should be mostly clear with the temperature dipping to a low of about 67.

The outlook for Wednesday and Thursday is good, according to the weather service.

Both days are expected to be sunny with daytime high temperatures in the mid-80s.