B.T. Bowler & Associates, a New Canaan-based financial advisory firm of Ameriprise Financial Services Inc. has merged with John Planell, CFP effective immediately.

The practice will operate under the name of B.T. Bowler & Associates with the main office at 199 Elm St., Suite D, and an alternate location in Pound Ridge, N.Y. John Planell, CFP, is another Ameriprise Financial advisory practice founded nearly three years ago.

Bert T. Bowler, private wealth adviser and founder of B.T. Bowler & Associates, said, "Both John and I recognize that our practices' greatest assets have always been our clients. By merging our practices, we are able to better serve our clients. John and I are confident that this is the right decision to promote growth and to provide clients with enhanced services and a greater breadth and depth of resources. The ability to meet client needs now and in the future was a key factor in this decision."

"This merger is of two highly compatible firms," said Planell. "During the 25 years my practice has existed, we have worked together frequently, and during this time, have formed a relationship based on trust, respect and friendship. We hold similar values and philosophies on doing business: placing client needs and goals first, providing excellent service to clients, emphasizing honesty and integrity, and bringing a positive attitude to work."

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B.T. Bowler & Associates has been working with clients for more than 19 years to help protect their assets and preserve their income. As a comprehensive financial advisory practice, the team works collaboratively with clients to examine their entire financial state, including asset allocation, insurance, estate and tax planning issues, and then creates and implements a plan fitting their needs and goals, and modifies the plan to adapt to change and remain aligned to the client's goals.

For information, visit www.bertbowler.com.