NEW CANAAN — Commuters will see an annual wait list fee instituted in the coming months, according to Parking Bureau Supervisor Karen Miller.

Miller told the Board of Selectmen at a Tuesday meeting that the matter had originally been broached by the Parking Commission after hearing reports of Darien’s successful implementation of a similar waiting list fee. That move effectively culled Darien’s wait list.

The $10 fee, which was approved unanimously by the board, would allow permit-seekers to have their name on the lists of three commuter lots simultaneously. It’s being enacted, in part, to weed out those currently on the wait list who have either moved, or are no longer commuting to the city, or never commuted on a daily basis but remained on the list because it cost them nothing. The fee aims to offer a partial solution to some problems with commuter parking that many in town have been vocal about.

“Well the Parking Commission bickered a little bit about it,” Miller said. “They feel in some respects it could be a nuisance and that people might be annoyed by it. But ultimately they said it’s good housekeeping. It’ll give us a clearer picture of who’s real.”

First Selectman Robert Mallozzi noted that shortening the wait list could be a boon to the real estate market, attracting commuters who work in New York City who might have previously avoided looking for a home in New Canaan because of the shortage of commuter parking.

“We have so many families that have moved into town, so many folks that are commuting in and out of New York, that it would be beneficial,” Mallozzi said.

Selectman Nick Williams suggested an amendment to the request to reflect that the fee would only be enacted for fiscal year 2016-2017, after which point the Parking Commission would again meet to discuss the fee’s effect on the size of the wait list.

Miller also stated that the fee would not go into effect immediately. She suggested that a letter be sent out to those on the waiting list notifying them of the fee somewhere between September and the end of 2016.

The current permit rates for the three most desired commuter parking lots are $600 for Railroad/Lumberyard, $456 for Richmond Hill and Talmadge Hill, and $420 for Park Street and Telephone.;