The New Canaan boys swim team scored a 106-80 win over Fairfield Warde/Ludlowe on Wednesday and improved its record to 4-2 in the process. For results, see below.


200 Medley Relay: 1st, NC 1:46.84: Brian Bodick, Ned Thunem, Jack Alexander, Miles Turpin

3rd, NC, 1:49.95: Thomas Dunstan; Matt Riley, Stephen Skaperdas, Jacob Geyfman

200 Freestyle: 1st, NC, 2:00.79: Andrew Higgins 3rd, NC, 2:05.33: Trey Oehmler

200 Individual Medley: 1st, NC, 2:10.27: Thomas Dunstan 3rd, NC, 2:21.14: Matt Riley

5th, NC, 2:45.51: Miles Turpin

50 Freestyle: 1st, F, 23.35: Nikita Noskov 2nd, NC, 24.15: Jacob Geyfman 5th, NC, 25.65: Mac Wright

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Diving: 1st, NC, 255.90: Bobby Ross 2nd, NC, 168.05: Kate Ray 3rd, NC, 144.15: Carson Shane

100 Butterfly: 1st, NC, 57.21: Ned Thunem 4th, NC, 1:02.29: Jack Alexander 5th, NC, 1:02.92: Jack Robey

100 Freestyle: 1st, NC, 50.64: Stephen Skaperdas 5th, NC, 1:00.93: Dylan Curtin

500 Freestyle: 1st, F, 5:15.26: John Whiteside 3rd, NC, 5:40.15: Matt Riley 5th, NC, 5:56.40: Sean Davidson

200 Freestyle Relay: 1st, NC, 1:34.96: Stefan Pla, Stephen Skaperdas, Jack Alexander, Andrew Higgins

100 Backstroke: 1st, NC, 59.39: Brian Bodick 2nd, NC, 1:00.07: Thomas Dunstan

4th, NC, 1:09.79: James Shannon

100 Breaststroke: 1st, NC, 1:03.26: Stefan Pla 2nd, NC, 1:03.91: Ned Thunem

3rd, NC, 1:05.03: Andrew Higgins

400 Freestyle Relay: 1st, F, 3:32.02: Nikita Noskov, Brian Haughn, Adrian Tudor, John Whiteside

2nd, NC, 3:32.28: Jacob Geyfman, Stephen Skaperdas, Brian Bodick, Stefan Pla

3rd, NC, 3:51.69: Thomas Dunstan, Ned Thunem, Andrew Higgins, Trey Oehmler