Oomph, a New Canaan-based custom furniture design business, doesn’t have a storefront, or even a decent-sized space to display its products.

So when Simon Pearce in Greenwich offered Oomph owners the chance to display their designs in a vignette space, they jumped at the opportunity.

“We’re really grateful for this opportunity,” said Oomph marketing director Whitney Childs. “We have a really small space in New Canaan and we’re an online-based business, so this has really been great for us to get to show the people of Greenwich what our business is all about.”

Oomph specializes in accent furniture intended to brighten up a space with little effort. The company started seven years ago as the brainchild of Amy Rice, Patty Hopple and Louise Brooks, all Fairfield County residents. According to Childs, the idea for the business stemmed from the lipstick philosophy during the economic recession.

“It’s the idea that cosmetic sales are always up during the recession, because even if you don’t have a lot of money, you can buy some lipstick and feel better about yourself,” Childs said. “A table here, a few pillows ... you won’t break the bank but you’ll brighten up a space and feel better about it, and add a little oomph to the space.”

Childs said when Simon Pearce contacted Oomph about a display, they knew immediately what they wanted to do. They were offered the space for the months of June and July so a summer theme was obvious, and with Independence Day falling in the middle Childs said it was only appropriate to include patriotic elements to display Oomph’s entirely American-made line of specialty furniture.

All of Oomph’s furniture is designed by Rice, Hopple and Brooks, with the exception of a new partnership with London-based designer Nina Campbell. Childs said Oomph specializes in lacquer and raffia furniture, both on display in the Simon Pearce space. The vignette uses red, white and blue samples, but Childs said all of Oomph’s products come in 16 colors and are completely customizable.

“Everything is made to order,” Childs said. “So nothing is made until you order it and it’s made specifically for you.”

The Greenwich Simon Pearce began offering a portion of its store several years ago to local designers and artists to create custom installations for one-month periods. The trend caught on and Simon Pearce branches across the country have adapted portions of their store space for local artists. The vignette’s often incorporate some of Simon Pearce’s signature blown glass and pottery pieces.

Childs pointed out a few highlight pieces in the Oomph vignette, including a nautical chart table that can be customized for anyone’s taste by putting maps of all kinds under the glass top. Oomph’s signature “tiny tables” and lanterns are also featured prominently in the display.

“It’s all beautiful and works together great,” Childs said. “We’ve sold several of our pieces and the partnership with Simon Pearce has been very beneficial.”

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