The New Canaan U12 boys soccer team scored a 5-0 shutout victory over Westport on Saturday.

The whole team played well and showed signs of growing, maturity and understanding of the game. The match began quietly with some sound defense from Kent Williams, but the game came to life with a through ball to Mead Savage. Savage scored from a subsequent penalty kick and quickly added a second goal thanks to good pressure on the Westport defense.

Stephen Curiale kept Westport scoreless with a last ditch effort on a rare Westport attack. Dylan Healey and Cole Kammerer linked up well down the flanks, and Tim Scranton made some important interceptions.

The first half finished on a high with a great goal from Jack Nowell, again, thanks to the New Canaan attackers closing down on the Westport defenders.

The second half was a little more subdued and for long periods New Canaan dominated without adding another goal. Nick Toldalagi and Grant Carlson had a few scoring chances, but they were denied by the Westport keeper.

New Canaan scored two more goals to put the icing on the cake with a tremendous power driving shot from Andrew Weitz from outside the penalty area and a lovely finish from Charlie Burns following a mazy dribble.

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