NEW CANAAN — Police arrested two men spotted driving around New Canaan who were allegedly connected to an iPhone scam.

On May 20 around 11:30 a.m., police responded to Douglas Road on a report of two suspicious men who kept approaching a house on the street, trying to pick up a package. The men approached the house five to six times in a span of 20 minutes.

The men — John Delacruz, of Jackson Street, Easton, Penn., and Neftali Jimenez, of Lexington Avenue in New York City — told police the package containing an iPhone was being shipped to the wrong address and they were picking it up. Police then checked the men’s car and found six new iPhones, multiple wire transfer receipts and several addresses for New Canaan homes in a navigation app owned by 20-year-old Delacruz.

Based on this, police determined that Delacruz and Jimenez, 27, were involved in a scam where iPhones are fraudulently purchased and shipped to the wrong address where they were intercepted before the homeowner knew a package has been delivered.

Both men were taken into custody on conspiracy and larceny charges. They were processed and each posted a $5,000 bond. They will appear in court on June 2.; @erin_kayata