The Kiwanis Club of New Canaan recently celebrated its 75th anniversary at the Ridgefield Playhouse.

The event featured food, camaraderie and a performance by comedian Lewis Black.

"It was so much fun to share our anniversary with so many Kiwanis members," B.J. Flagg, the Kiwanis president, said in a statement from the club. "We had more than 50 Kiwanians and their guests at the event and, after hearing Lewis Black perform, I think we were all pretty revved to continue working together on this year's wonderful Kiwanis events."

"It was really terrific to see so many past and present Kiwanians turn out for this event," event host Jeremiah Miller, immediate past president of the Ridgefield Playhouse and current Kiwanis treasurer, said in the statement. "Seventy-five years is a milestone for any organization, and we hope to continue raising money to support children's causes for at least another 75."

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