As winter came to an end the student athletes and coaches at NCHS started working hard to prepare for their spring seasons. At the same time, another group of New Canaan sports enthusiasts were hard at work preparing to support these athletes and coaches during the spring season and beyond.

The New Canaan sports council has done a lot of hard work over the past couple of months to greatly increase its ability to support all of the sports programs at NCHS. Historically, the sports council has conducted a number of annual fundraising activities in order to supplement the NCHS athletic department's budget. Funds have been provided to enrich athletic programs which attract more than 70 percent of NCHS students. Most importantly, the sports council has provided valuable funding to more than 35 coaches across every FCIAC sports program at the varsity and sub-varsity levels over the last year. This has created an athlete/coach ratio at NCHS that is the envy of most of the FCIAC.

At its April board meeting, the sports council appointed a new Board and enacted a number of changes that should greatly increase its ability to support the Athletic Department going forward. First, in an effort to raise awareness of its purpose, the Sports Council is renaming itself "NC Rams All Sports Booster Club." A new web site for the Booster Club has been established at as well as a Facebook page at The old Sports Council website will be linked to the new site to facilitate transition.

The booster club's new board will consist of the following serving in executive roles: presidents Susie and Bill Repko, secretary Julie Brand, treasurers Tracey and Steve Karl, vice presidents of fundraising Ted Dumbauld and Ed Eppler and vice presidents of publicity Rob Paul.

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Another 20 non-executive members of the booster club have been appointed to sub-committees of the board focused on web activities and advertising, team representatives for the high school, advisory and liaisons to the community and youth sports programs, hall of fame/historian and special projects.

The structure of the executive and non-executive members of the booster club is aligned with the aggressive goals for providing increased support to the Athletic Department moving forward. The move to the new website will introduce the booster club to the digital age. It is intended to be a broad based communication resource, a platform for increasing advertising revenues and for moving delivery of the seasonal All sports programs into the digital age. The latter will decrease production costs which will pass through as increased contribution to the athletic fund. It will support the school's green initiatives, as well.

As an initial task, a fundraising campaign has been kicked off to replace the scoreboard in Dunning with a state of the art digital board and play clocks. This will greatly enhance the game time experience for the fans, as well as provide another vehicle for advertising revenue generation for the athletic fund. Part of this project will also provide for an electronic scoreboard to be installed at the Water Tower turf field and the Saxe South Ave field to enhance the experience for athletes and fans at the sub-varsity and youth games played at those facilities.